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Small PAX- breaking milestones

The Thang:

5 and 6 mile run:

Promo, castanza and Fountain head : 5 miles in 42:36

Robber and Tajh :  5 miles 49:59

Kim Jung: 5 miles 50:49

Beno and Stent: 6 miles 48:59



Ball of Man


Nerves set in when Tajh arrived for his first Amble to find Beano, FountainHead and Stent “aw man, I have to try and keep up with you guys…maybe I should have stayed in bed”

No takers for a 3 or 4 mile run—Five miles plus or go home!

Claps to Kim Jung completing his first five mile run ever!

Shout out to Castanza for his first 5 mile run since his ankle reconstruction

BEANO will QIC Saturday,  He will provide the opportunity for your to embrace the suck!

Twilight 5K TONIGHT, Friday night 7:30pm. Contact Bluegrass for details or see http://www.strictlyrunning.com/images/13JAtwilight.pdf

The Hewitt Family 5K next weekend will be run for a very good cause worthy of our support. Sign up on the strictlyrunning website. Contact Kim Jung for details.

July 4th Born in the USA 4 mile race around Forest Lake.  There is also a 2 man relay that can be done over the 4 miles.  Many of us are doing this race which will be over by 8:30am on the 4th. Sign up at: http://www.strictlyrunning.com/Born.htm


Family cookout on Saturday 5-8:00 at Heartbreaker’s house. Come tomorrow for Beano’s salutary Q.  He has promised to “point out” Heartbreakers house.  Bring a side item, dessert, or appetizer. We are looking at over 100 people.  Again, Kim Jung, jello shots do not count as a side item.

***New bootcamp workout starting next Tuesday at Crayton Middle School at 5:45am.  Come check it out.  It will be Tuesday/Thursday with the Saturday workout at Dreher as always.

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