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Beano's Last Dance, and Picnic

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33 of Columbia’s Finest assembled at Dreher High School for a bittersweet day as Beano took the Q for the final time before he departs for DC. The pax were warned well in advance of the impending doom, and Beano did not disappoint and delivered an epic beatdown. Farewell, brother.

Conditions: A nice warm morning for a painfest.

The Thang:

–Warm up run around Dreher HS
20x (four count) Merkins
82x (four count) Flutter kicks #crowdPleaser
15x (four count) Wide arm merkins
40x (four count) Freddy Mercuries
15x (four count) Carolina dry docks
40x Situps OYO
15x (two count) Close hand merkins
10x (four count) LBCs
20x (four count) Rosalitas

Movement — run to corner of Adger and Devereaux:
30x (four count) Flutter kicks
–Movement to Heartbreaker’s house for early morning recon for this evening’s festivities
15x (four count) Merkins

Move to bottom of Hill Street Blues:
Hill repeats with 15 Burpies, 14, 13, 12, 11 at top of the hill (Jacobs Ladder on steroids)
Abdominal work at the bottom of the hill as we gathered the masses
Partner fireman carry up hill, then walk back to bottom
Switch partners and repeat
25x (two count) Merkins
–Movement: run back to Hollywood Squares
Incline plank for 60 seconds
10x (four count) Decline merkins
–Nothing Follows, Mission Complete!


Brick Ceremony: The “color guard” (Sled, Logo, and Crawlspace carrying the #ShovelFlag) marched into the COT with a ceremonial gold brick, taken from Heartbreaker’s Brick Pile, spray painted gold,and adorned with the F3 logo. The brick was passed from Sled to Sway, who presented the brick as a parting gift to Beano. The F3 Columbia kazoo band played patriotic songs as Beano accepted his brick. The similarities between our ceremony and the one we watched at Fort Jackson on Wednesday were uncanny. Beano was given an opportunity to say a few words before shipping off to DC, and his only words were: “Let’s do more flutter kicks.” 82 more to be specific. AFTER the COT. #unprecedented

Ball of Man


  • There were no FNGs this morning. I guess the guys who came knew what they were in for and  didn’t want their new people blown out on Day 1.
  • Nearly 200 Flutter kicks.
  • Discussions were held about a new nickname for the Dreher workout since we’re splitting the bootcamp on Tuesday. Many good choices were nominated.
  • Chaser will lead bootcamp at Crayton on Tuesday and Thursday beginning next week.Dreher will continue as normal.
  • The picnic on Saturday night was discussed. Many wondered if Sled would show up in an F3 Speedo. It was also postulated whether or not Sway has an F3 Tramp Stamp tattoo. #FullyCommitted
  • Noodle once again tried to sneak out of his driveway after not posting. Once again, he was called out.
  • Mission’s absence was noted — Beano’s mission was complete, just without Mission.
  • The Picnic: Nearly 100 F3ers, wives, and 2.0s descended upon the Heartbreaker home for a fantastic evening. HB cooked hotdogs and hamburgers, and there was an abundance of other food and desserts on hand. The kids played in the pool and jumped on the trampoline. The night was really intended to honor Beano, and several pax took the stump (literally) to offer words and stories about Beano. Sled presented Beano a plaque,signed on the back by all of us, and Kim Jung presented him with a pair of #asslessChaps. Beano’s reaction to the chaps was the highlight of the night. It was truly a great party, and we are grateful for the Folline’s for opening their home to us!


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