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#Amble Report: Mile Repeats on a "Squishy" track

After a Sunday email and twitter notification of the location change 4 pax posted at Owen’s Field Track for a nice little way to burn off a nice little weekend.

Conditions: 73 degrees, 94% humidity

The Thang:

800m warmup

Mile Repeats at faster than goal 5k race pace. Mile, walk/jog 400m recovery, Rinse and repeat x3 for total of 3 miles at faster than race pace and total distance covered of 4.25 miles.

Chaser and Stain went 6:44, 6:44 with Stain going 6:45 on the 3rd mile and Chaser lagging at 6:50.

Fountainhead went 7:00, 6:58, 7:00 and “hurt plenty”

Robber, on his first track workout ever loved the track because “it’s so squishy”. He also enjoyed filling the pax in on his Pawley’s Front Porch dinner last night complete with fried pickles, which we almost got to see at the end of each mile.  Robber did all three of his in under 8:00 each.  Solid effort.


Ball of Man led by Fountainhead


– Great effort is required for these track workouts and the pax rose to the challege.

– T-Claps to Kim Jung and Nap who did not get the track location memo and posted at KBC as usual. Even though they found themselves standing along in the dark, and probably scared, they did a run anyway. Solid. #EmailChallenged #TwitterChallenged

– T-Claps to Sway, Sub Prime and 8 mile for their efforts at the Junior Achievement 5k last Friday night in Shandon.  All three won age group recognition with Sub Prime and 8 Mile taking first in their age divisions and Sway taking third in his.  #AmbleWorks #F3don’tplay

– Chaser received 3 Epstien’s Mother text efforts between the hours of 1:21am and 5:16am with everything from crying babies to drunk teenagers to pink eye.  Interesting…

– TOMORROW is the launch of the new F3Columbia #SwampFox workout at Crayton Middle School at 5:45am.  Same song, different location, new obstacles for the pax.  Looking forward to a little #SoConLoop, #TreeofLife, #Picnic, #BlueSky and, of course, #HamburgerHill.

– July 4 race, let’s go.  http://www.strictlyrunning.com/Born.htm Corner of Forest Drive and Trenholm around Forest lake. 4 miles.  Run a 4 mile race and burn off about 600 calories and then have your July 4th beers and hamburgers free of guilt…pretty much.

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