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#SwampFox Launched Hard with PAIN

Twenty two men, including 5 FNGs, kicked the tires and took the brand spankin new Swamp Fox for a spin this morning in The Gloom.  Some may have expected a nice “getting to know you” chatter-filled workout but they were mistaken as Chaser led the pax on a Ring Run / Hill / Wall workout that proved it’s just business as usual in F3 Columbia territory.

Conditions: 71 but with 96% humidity.


#SoConLoop (COT across Clemson on Coker across Furman, right on Wofford to Chicora, right on Chicora, right on Furman, left on Coker to COT)

Wofford/Furman: 30 second max reps: Merkins – RussianTwist – Merkins

Wofford/Converse: 30 seconds max reps: Iron Cross w/partner SWITCH – RussianTwist – Iron Twist w/partner SWITCH

Wofford/Chicora at #PicnicTables: 30 sec max reps: Incline Merkins – Seated Row – Decline Merkins

Furman/Chicora: 30 sec max reps: Iron Cross w/partner SWITCH – RussianTwist – Iron Twist w/partner SWITCH

Furman/Converse: 30 second max reps: Merkins – RussianTwist – Merkins

Cut Loop short: Converse to Clemson to bottom of #HamburgerHill: 5 hills with / 5 burpees at the bottom each time. #CrowdPleaser #ZeroChatter #AlmostKilledAGuy

Mosey to #TreeOfLife benchs: Step Ups 12 each leg, 30 sec max reps Seated Row

Mosey to #BlueSky: Balls to the wall walk it up/down x 2, People’s Chair x 60 sec x 2


Ball of Man led by Chaser


– Absolutely outstanding turnout for the first Swamp Fox workout.  T-Claps to many of the guys who will likely mainly post at Brick Pile but who came over to Swamp Fox to break it in.  Come on in and stay a while guys.

– We had what looked to be at least a solid 15 guys who will likely call Swamp Fox home including 5 FNGs.  Very impressive start.

– As indicated in COT: Brick Pile and Swamp Fox both go down on Tues/Thurs from 5:45-6:30 and both are bootcamp style workouts.  Feel free to alternate between the two or pick one and stick with it.  Let’s keep accountability up though to prevent guys from getting lost between the groups and falling through the cracks. “Hey, did you post at Brick Pile this morning? Didn’t see you at Swamp Fox.”

WE WILL ALL CONVERGE AT DREHER TO WORKOUT TOGETHER ON SATRUDAYS 7-8.  This is VERY important.  For a long while the core group of F3 Columbia leaders resisted the call to split the workout up because we did not want to lose our tight knit group.  Saturday workout attendance is critical to our group maintaining our strong ties.  We had 46 post this morning between the two workouts so we should see over 40 each Satruday at Dreher.  This is also a great way for the Swamp Fox FNGs to see where it all began and meet more of the F3 Columbia Core. After the workout many of us go to Lizard’s Thicket for coffee/breakfast.  More fellowship. #April

– #Amble workout is on MWF at 5:45 at Kathwood Baptist Church.  This is a running only workout. No Merkins, no burpees.  Come on out.  You need to be active every day to get/stay in top shape.  We have many different pace groups so there will always be someone to run the pre-determined route with. More fellowship. More accountability. This workout is led by Fountainhead and Chaser.

– Standing F3 lunch at Lizard’s Thicket on Wednesday’s at noon.  Never know who will show up.  If your work schedule allows come on over for lunch. #MoreApril

– 4th of July Road Race at the corner of Forest Drive and Trenholm that many of us are running.  Put on your F3 shirt (or go buy one here if you’d like:http://f3.mudgear.com/F3-Shirts_c_20.html). Either way, shirt, no shirt, whatever, come represent F3 with us. Sign up here: http://www.strictlyrunning.com/Born.htm

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  1. BZ Columbia. Addition by division… turns out it’s actually an F3 mathematical law. Never fails. Aye.

  2. Sorry I missed what sounds like an excellent launch but had to keep the home fires burning #Qduties #brickpile. F3 Columbia… “Cannnnn’ttttt stop it”

  3. Sounds like a great time this morning…kinda wish mission would’ve made it over there…#justkidding #Brickpile #whereamitakingtheseblocks?

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