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Block Party at the (newly named) Brickpile.

24 Pax showed up for the original Columbia F3 beatdown (newly renamed “The Brickpile”).  We were all excited for the first day of the split (launch of Swampfox) and even more excited when we recieved the news that they had 22 strong.  This sets a new one day record of 46 (eclipsing the existing by 6).  Just another proof point of the Basic F3 Mathematic Growth Principle of 1 divided by 2 equals 3.

Conditions: Really nice 71 degrees but sweat dripped like a hot yoga class with the 98% humidity.

SET UP: While on vacation, I had the chance to walk for 3.5miles on the beach with a cinderblock in preparation for GoRuck.  Finding myself alone with no one to share my feelings, (I hate working out alone).. I struck up a conversation with the cinderblock.  We bonded over a beautiful sunrise and the sound of lapping waves and I just sensed that it was enjoying our romantic jaunt on beach.  I came back to Columbia with a renewed sense of purpose… we were going to free our Cinderblocks from there small and uninteresting environment… and give them a tour of the Dreher Campus… Below you will find a diary of what those concrete critters did and saw on their field trip.  (I hope to be able to share thank you notes from them later in the week.)

Warm up o Rama : Lap around the school followed by carrying our cinderblocks (“Cement Friends”) over head pressed to the COP on the Soccer Field.

COP (all 4 counts) as follows:

  • SSH x25
  • Arm Circles x25
  • Imperial Walker x25
  • Decline Merkins x10 (Cement Friend under feet)
  • LBC x25
  • Lopsided Merkin x7(Cement Friend under rt hand)
  • Full Sit up x20 (Cement Friend weights feet)
  • Lopsided Merkin x7 (Cement Friend under left hand)
  • Flutter Kicks x25
  • Incline Merkin x7(Cement Friend under both hands)
  • Mosey over to the football field doing Cement Friend Curls x20
  • Pick em up, Press em high, and put em down x25 (Cement Friends love these!)

5 minutes of Sway’s favorites: 100 yard dash, 5 burpees, 100 yard dash, 5 burpees, 100 yard dash, 5 burpees, 100 yard dash 5 burpees, etc (you get the idea)  #timestandsstillduringVO2max

Hollywood Squares:

  • Incline Merkins (Cement Friends under feet)
  • Dips (legs extended with Cement Friends under feet for better burn)
  • Box Jumps x20
  • Step ups x30 (Cement Friends cradled gently)
  • Carry our Friends through the Zipper to the Great Wall
  • Squats x20
  • Wall sits (hands over head x60 seconds)
  • Carry our Friends back to the brick pile (alternating between pressed high and curls)
  • Fire Brigade the bricks back to orderly stack.

Something broke (and then broke again) in Twobuck’s gut but instead of heading in… he kept getting back up and joining the group.  Nothing can stop that guy. #perseverance #F3forceisstronginhim

I love being the Q but having to count so much really prevents me sharing feelings with the Pax.  Thankfully, Robber is in the #chatterbox training program and early testing indicates he has what it takes to work out the pax’s olfactory muscles during the workout.

Extremely pumped about the success of the first day of the split.  Setting new records and bringing in new FNG’s.  Tclaps to Chaser for leading Swampfox on the Big Bang Launch.  #F3growthstrategy1+1+3


WE WILL ALL CONVERGE AT DREHER TO WORKOUT TOGETHER ON SATRUDAYS 7-8.  This is VERY important.  For a long while the core group of F3 Columbia leaders resisted the call to split the workout up because we did not want to lose our tight knit group.  Saturday workout attendance is critical to our group maintaining our strong ties.  After the workout many of us go to Lizard’s Thicket for coffee/breakfast.  More fellowship. #April

– #Amble workout is on MWF at 5:45 at Kathwood Baptist Church.  This is a running only workout. No Merkins, no burpees.  Come on out.

– Standing F3 lunch at Lizard’s Thicket on Wednesday’s at noon.  Never know who will show up.  If your work schedule allows come on over for lunch. #MoreApril

– 4th of July Road Race at the corner of Forest Drive and Trenholm that many of us are running.  Put on your F3 shirt (or go buy one here if you’d like:http://f3.mudgear.com/F3-Shirts_c_20.html). Either way, shirt, no shirt, whatever, come represent F3 with us. Sign up here: http://www.strictlyrunning.com/Born.htm





0 thoughts on “Block Party at the (newly named) Brickpile.”

  1. reading the blast brings back so many memories…not many good ones. #concretefriends #wherearewetakingthesethings #brickpile

  2. Mission is certifiable and…did he say Robber smells? Does Mission know that “olfactory” refers to the sense of smell, not hearing? Perhaps he meant “auditory”? #droppinknowledge #BillNye

    1. It’s easy to drop knowledge when you spend all morning looking at art, instead of carryin’ your cement friend all over the devil’s back 40…and i’m pretty sure Robber smells. #hemeantauditory. #youareright #niceblueskypainting

      1. Feel free to come “look at art” any time Kim Jung. We’ll be waiting for you in The Swamp. And yes, Robber does smell. I ran mile repeats in 95% humidity yesterday morning with a shirtless Robber who had eaten a Pawley’s burger and fried pickles the night before. #seetheAmbleBlast

  3. Nice work Mission and Chaser! And y’all leave Robber alone. If he smells at all, it’s the smell of that 60 pounds leaving his formerly rotund body. And we should probably pay homage to the cement friends who lost their lives in battle today.

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