• When: 2/14/2017
  • QIC: Noonan
  • The PAX: Betamax, Promo, OC, Pole Position, Cesspool, Froman, Spot, Purple Rain, Insanity, Traitor, Ginny, Beads, Noonan

Singles Awareness Day

As the clock slowly ticked towards 5:30, the pax made their way to the first ever candlelit Q.  Other than a so-called sickly Paperboo , a good number of pax began a Valentines day workout.

Conditions: 38 degrees and calm 

The Thang:


SSH x 25 4 ct

Squat x 25 4 ct

Imp. Walkers x 26 4 ct

LBAC x 25 4 ct both ways

Air Chair x 10

Partner up and stay in the parking lot

LOVE workout : Partner 1 would jog 1 lap around the parking lot while Partner 2 would do an exercise.  When P1 would return, P2 would take a lap….

Exercise 1: Lunges

Exercise 2: Overhand Clap

Exercise 3: V- Ups

Exercise 4: Elevated feet or AKA 6 inches

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to the wall behind Hand

Merkin Ladder with same partners

P1 does wall sit while P2 runs to opposite side of field and does 10 Merkins

When P2 returns, P1 runs to other side of field and does 9 Merkins

Continue until one partner does 1 final Merkin

Mosey to middle of the field and circle up for some MARY

American Hammer (1 BB sit-up:4 Freedom Twist) 10 BB:40 Freedom Twist

Little Baby Flutter Kicks x 20 OYO

Boat/Canoe on Q’s cadence

Superman x 1 minute

Mosey to corner of track for Burpee 1/4 mile

Start with 4 burpees at the first corner, then jog to next corner

Continue to do 4 burpees at each corner until you return to original corner.

Plank until 6 returns


Enjoyed first Q at Thunder even though Promo complained about a little leg work.  Great work by all pax this morning.


  • Tuesdays at 8:00 am Robber is heading up a devotion/book study titled “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” at Starbucks.  Check Robbers Backblast for more info
  • Mud Run
  • Big day at Thunder on 2/23

Devo by OC


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