• When: 02/14/2017
  • QIC: Cornwallis
  • The PAX: Wojo, Hope Solo, Dufresne, Sakajewa, Samford, Timber, Barry, Peach, Snowball (the return), Wambach, Schrute, Pot Hole, Harper Valley, Shake it Off, Big Load, Short Circuit, Snookie, Ponzi, Abacus (FNG), Sully (FNG), Stats (FNG), Cornwallis

The Heart of Darkness

22 PAX chose this day to emerge from the heart of darkness and post up to Camden’s 1st workout with the training wheels off. YHC was honored and more than humbled to take his DRP and lead these men in our continued efforts to combat Sad Clown Syndrome. As usual, the PAX came out of the shadows from all corners of the park, one by one, like the 1919 Black Sox coming out of the cornfield to visit Ray Kinsella. A nervous energy permeated the air as the PAX sensed this day was a test not only for YHC, but for themselves as well. When the time came to deliver the disclaimer, YHC suddnely felt like an infomercial……not a good one like slap chop……more shake weighty. Was YHC scared?…..let’s just say it felt like the nun from the conjuring 2 was standing behind him from the start. After the disclaimer, armed with his trusty laminated quarterback cheatsheet, YHC had a rush of adrenaline and the fear of passing out during his 1st Q subsided and we were off.

Conditions: Clear & 36 degrees
The Thang:

The Shuffle
Side Straddle Hop X 15 IC
Grass Picker X 15 IC
Merkins X 15 OYO
Freddie Mercury (Bycicle Crunch – Alternating) X 15 IC

AYG to center of Park for 2nd round of COP
Abe Vigoda (Windmills) X 15 IC
Abe Vigoda – reverse X 15 IC
Flutter Kicks X 15 IC
Merkins 15 OYO

The Deal
AYG to the Q’s black FBI standard issue vehicle for special discount…..introduction of Coupons to the PAX.

AYG to corner 1 for demonstration of Squat Raises x 15 IC, Tricep Extensions x 15 IC, Bentover row x 15 IC. Audible mumble chatter observed concerning the chilled coupons…..apparently the PAX prefers toasted coupons vs the overnight car-chilled coupons provided by the Q.

To complete 4 corners, PAX runs halleluja style AYG to 2nd corner for squat raises X 30, Tricep Extensions x 30, bentover row X 30. PAX remains at each corner to do curls until six completes reps. Rinse and repeat at each corner of the Rectory. (4 city blocks total) Mumble chatter ceases midway through 2nd corner. Q observes many Pax members tapping the used coupons to remove excess mortar to lighten the load.

Sensing the PAX had enough of praising while running, YHC instructs PAX to run AYG to tennis courts with gorilla arms.

Once the Six arrives PAX begins Jack Webbs (inspired by Mogul from Charleston Bridge)…….Sprint to opposite side of court for 1 Merkin, sprint back for 10 overhead presses with coupons. Sprint again for two Merkins, sprint back for 9 overhead presses. Rinse and repeat until Merkins reach 10 and overhead press reach 0. Total of 55 Merkins and 55 Overhead Presses. PAX stores coupons after comleting Jack Webbs.

The fear that the Q would passout suddenly re-emerged but slowly subsided as the PAX moseyed to the center park arboritum for 5 minutes of step ups and dips OYO.

PAX then moseys to open space for final COP. Against advice of his Obi Wan (Polo), Q decides to introduce PAX to a new exercise aptly named “The Circle Merk”….a creation of YHC…..a ripped off version of guantanamos. In the COP, the PAX performs merkins OYO while one PAX member runs the circle duck duck goose style until he gets back to his spot, then next PAX runs the circle and so on until all PAX have completed the circle. Mumble Chatter at full volume during this routine.

The PAX moseyed back to the flag for COT, Counteramma, and BOM.

As this is the first backblast from a Camden PAX member, I should first acknowledge the many people who made the Camden Launch of F3 an overwhelming success. First and Foremost, a well deserved shout out to Polo….who initially chuckled when I said I wanted him to help me bring F3 to Camden. 24 hours later when I asked again, he realized I was not joking. As a Camden native, Polo took a special interest and devoted countless hours towards making F3 a realilty for Camden. Thanks to Charleston F3 whom I visited at the encouragment of Itchy and was led by Mogul in an intense, albeit doable workout, that challenged me, but also made me realize I could complete an F3 workout, despite the Zika conditions. And to the dude who shouted “Cornwallis!” when my oxygen deprived FNG face could barely say my name and place of origin during the COT. Many thanks to everyone who Q’d and visited Camden F3 especially Subprime, Prom, Lederhosen, Hot Tub, Big Worm, McLovin, Stage Coach, Hee-Haw (Q-school) and all of the supporting cast of F3 out of county PAX that paid a worthy visit. An extra special thanks to F3 Hartsville – Little Jack, Foxy, Backdraft, Waterbug, and Green Acres for strong leadership and the gifts of Blocks and “Freed to Lead” for each PAX member. Lots of grumbling about the cinder blocks but much appreiciated to help us become stronger men. “Freed to Lead” should be a requirement for all new PAX. Polo, Sub-Prime, Prom, & Prom’s M for the generous gift of the shovel flag. Thanks to the hot iron of supporting PAX, the smelting process has begun and the Iron of F3 Camden is getting sharper.

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