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Saturday, Not a Walk In the Park

16 non-spring breaking faithful assembled in the Columbia gloom on Saturday for a pain-filled run through the neighborhood.

Conditions: 42 degrees and clear


Start at DHS and run a modified “Logo’s Loop” with pain stations including:
SSH x25
Merkins x 15
LBC x20
Bear Crawl down Berkley hill
Wheelbarrow up Berkley hill (1/2 each partner)
Fartsacking Linoleum’s yard – SSH x25, LBC x25
Indian Run
Roscoe’s yard (hoping to wake his 2.0’s) – Merkins x10, Freddie x20, flutters x40
Jungle Bois x18
Jacobs Ladder x5
Lunge Walks

Finish loop back to Hollywood Squares:
Incline Merkins x10
Dips x15
One leg lunges x10 each
Wide Merkins x10

Wall Street:
People’s Chair x:60
LBC x20

Partner up for:
Decline Merkins x10, flapjack
Raised led sit ups x10, flapjack
Incline Merkins x10, flapjack
Iron Cross x20

Russian Twist x15
Imperial Walkers x15


Ball of Man: Seeker led closing prayer


  • At least one Columbia pax — Subprime — ran the Cooper River Bridge Run on Saturday in Charleston.
  • Sway — with much help from Roscoe — Q’d this off the cuff.
  • The loop was a little over 2 miles, not including the extra trips up the hill during the ladder. 2 miles with pain stations should make 3.1 without them seem like a walk in the park.
  • Attempts to awaken Linoleum (from his front yard) were unsuccessful.
  • Dr. Phil had the quote of the day. Since Beano’s introduction of Airborne Flutters (82 in cadence), there is a moment of apprehension whenever they are called. When Roscoe called them,  and began, Dr. Phil tried to nip them in the bud.  Roscoe: “Flutter kicks, in cadence, move! 1-2-3…” Dr. Phil: “HALT.”  You had to be there.
  • Sway put his hands behind his back and asked Mel to pick right or left to determine the duration of Jacob’s Ladder. He picked right — 5. Several pax grumbled that Sway had both fists clinched and showed no numbers behind his back and we were doing 5 no matter what. They were correct.
  • Spring Breaks are now over, and hopefully so is the cold weather. I hope we get back to our 20+ crowds after a couple of lighter days.

Events – WEAR F3 GEAR:

  • Rosewood 5K is THIS SATURDAY at 8:30. Double Down after normal workout.
  • Quarry Run is NEXT SATURDAY at 9:00. Double Down after normal workout.
  • Fall USMC Mud Run registration opens May 1. F3Nation will handle time slots, we just need commitments. I think we can field three teams by then, don’t y’all?
  • Spartan Beast Race November 9th will have significant Columbia presence. Stand up and commit!

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