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A Powerful Morning

22 men learned today that the 1st F pales in comparison to the 2nd and 3rd. Chaser led the pax on a pain-filled Indian Run, but the most important work we did this morning was lifting up our brother Woody.

Conditions: 61 degrees and clear

The Thang:

COP Warmup
25 Side Straddle Hops
20 x Merkins

Count off, evens/odds, two lines for Indian runs throughout workout (remind Pax to push yourself through sprints)

Stop 1
Merkins (30seconds max, partner count reps, switch)

Diamond Merkins (30seconds max, partner count reps, switch)

Wide Arm Merkins (30seconds max, partner count reps, switch)

Stop 2
Freddie Mercury (30)
LBC (20 slow count)
Mountain Climbers (20)

Stop 3
Decline Merkins (30seconds, max partner count reps, switch)

Carolina Dry Dock (30seconds max)
Burpees (15)

Impromptu Ball of Man for Woody:  Please keep Clay Timbes — wife of Mark “Woody” Timbes — and their two children  in your prayers in a big way. She was diagnosed last week with Stage 2 breast cancer and has begun chemotherapy. Mark’s email is [email protected]

Stop 4
Group1 5 pull-ups x 3 sets
Group2 Lunge to road and back to bars

Stop 6
Reverse Grip Merkins (15)
Peter Parkers  (8)
Dive Bomber Merkins (6)

Group run back to Circle, sprint finish.


Ball of Man: Seeker led closing prayer with emphasis on the healing of Clay Timbes.


  • Chaser was surprised when Woody asked for the BOM. We were running in the street in front of Woody’s home, and he broke the news to us. We are with you in any way you need, Woody.
  • Chaser showed no mercy today. The burnout, back to back sets were painful.
  • The author was completely smoked like never before. I’m gonna blame it on poor nutrition and lack of sleep. #copout
  • Beano is just a showoff machine. After the workout, he stayed longer to do a set with the blocks. #ArmyStrong
  • Kotters to St. Joe, good to have you back


  • 2nd F lunch at Lizard’s Thicket on Wednesday (Beltline)
  • Rosewood 5K on Saturday — it’s not too late to sign up, go to Strictly Running.com
  • Quarry Crusher Run next Saturday — google Olympia Fest or Quarry Crusher to get to the website to sign up


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