• When: 04/13/13
  • QIC: Tajh
  • The PAX: Crawl Space, SLED, Baby Jesus, Sub prime, Chaser, FNG- Mandela, Rosco, Beno, Logo, Mississisppi , Stikato, Woody, Seeker, FNG-Utter, Windmill, Silver Bullet, Termite, FNG- J LO, Dr. Phil, SPUD, Mission, Robber, Heist, Bluegrass, Sway, Heartbreaker, FNG-Fountain Head, Tajh,


28 pax celebrated as they arrived on a cool morning at DHS.  MANY expecting to have an easy day after a Chaser and Beno week (especially the NFG’s)……

Conditions: 46 degrees and Sunny

The Thang:

Lap around field


All four count reps:

SSH  x 50
Murkins x 10
Flutters x 100
Murkins x 10
LBC x 20
Wide arm Murkins x 10
LBC x20
Murkins x 10
Freddie Merc x 10
Murkins x 10
suicides in main parking lot
Brick curls x 100
Murkins x 10
LBC x 10
Tricep curls x 25
Sit ups w/ bricks x 25 single count
Murkins x 10Run around the School back to bricks
Reverse curls x 25
Superman crunch x 10
Brick curls x 25
Run to HS
Hollywood Squares
Incline Murkin x 10
Step Ups 100 alternating legs
Iron man crunch x 10

metal board sit ups x 25
Murkins x 10


Up downs (plank) X20

Murkins w/ arm raises off the ground x 20

Circles in plan position

Rosalitas x 20

4 count reps on each excercis totals:  Murkins:  100  Flutters: 100  Abs (all) 100+  Curls: 100+  SSH: 100

Ball of Man


Pax completed 100 four count on all core exercises.
NFG-J Lo : I came because Beno and Chaser already led”
Beno: how about going to 100
Discussion  in COT about Quarry run

SPUD: Cheers for from the PAX Showing up and working hard
Welcome  Little Baby Jesus from CLT

Chaser:  I have brought FIVE NFG’s this week, do I win the prize. Pax: Let’s see if they return

CLAPS to those that ran the Rosewood run.

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