• When: 04/16/13
  • QIC: Gnarly Goat
  • The PAX: Gnarly Goat (CLT-North), Will aka Ron Burgundy, JV, Doolie, St. Joe (COLA)

"I Could Not Get Enough Under The Bridge" -RHCP

5 trolls stayed under their bridge on a beautiful low country morning.  Here be the THANG as I recall:

Jog to the field of dreams

Backward run, side shuffle, karioka, butt kickers, high knees

COP for

SSH x 25

Windmill x15

Invisible jump rope x 1 min

1-legged mtn. climbers x 10 each leg

15 x merks

Low flutter x 20

Dips x 15

Step ups x 10 each leg

Jump ups x 10.  Repeato

Merks x 15

Bear crawl to playpen

100 yards of 1 legged hops alternating leg every 10 yards.  Repeato

Merks x15.

Air squats x 15

Pickle pounders x 15

Monkey Humpers x 15

1040 Form (10×40 yrd sprints)

Merks x 15

Jog to pull-up bars

10 pull ups.  10 dips.  20 sit ups

5 pull ups.  5 dips.  15 sit ups.

Jog back to launch

Merks x 15 with slow finish.


1.  JV was MIA at launch but slid in before we’d even broken a sweat to assert that he is the tax man.  Expert work on the 1040’s.

2.  What an AO!  The poopers on the Cooper are Super.  Skipper, you gotta come see these things.  I didn’t want to leave.  This park is going to be a super AO.

3.  I watched F3 growth plans in action.  The pax might be moving to this great spot for all their workouts.  I have to agree that it’s a prime spot.

4.  Strong work by Ron Burgandy on the pull up bars!  Digging deep and getting strong.

5.  COLA (ST. JOE) and CLT-North (Gnarly Goat) were in the house representing their people well.

6.  Doolie was digging deep at each pain station.  BZ!

7.  Thanks for the chance to lead in Mt. Pleasant where life is so pleasant!  I lived in Mt. Pleasant and on IoP for a while and it’s always awesome to come back to this beautiful area.  Knowing that F3 is here now makes vacation that much better.  Great group with a great future of Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.

8.  Hearts and prayers to all in Boston, and those affected by the bombing there.


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  1. Aye. The monkey humpers raised some eyebrows. But it was dark and the pax caught that monkey humpin spirit.

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