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Its 50 degrees and everyone is bundled up!

15 pax emerged from the gloom wearing winter clothes and it’s only 52 degrees.

Tha Thang:

Run to the side field for some COP

SSH x 25

Merkins x 15

Squats x 20

Run to parking lot

Walking lunges, sprints, shuffles, karioke, each time followed by backward run to beginning after each excersise

Run back to field

Skyhawk Football drill

Peoples Chair

Run back to parking lot

6-Minutes of Mary  Q-Beano

82 Flutters(long slow)  ouch


Macktar Jai

Crunches, Obliques, Freddie Mercury(Mercy)

Run to front of school and partner up (Decline push up, Seal sit ups) Plank partner push ups

Run to benches (Dips and step ups)

Run back to parking lot for COT


Naked Man Moleskin

-Thanks to Cola F3 for letting me lead today!  It is fun to workout with new and old friends.

– While we were doing Sid Straddle Hops I had to fight back laughter.  It was 52 degrees in Cola and the pax was wrapped up like it was 25 degrees this moring!  It all started coming off quickly.

-Six Minutes of Mary-  Had heard stories about Beano’s lead and wanted to see for myself.  He took over and within 30 seconds I regreted that decision.   He kept going and going….  82 Long slow flutter kicks.   I was completely smoked at 40 and we were only half way home.  Then is only got worse.   Beano is the HE of Columbia.   He stuck to the 6 minutes and not a second shorter.

-To all the Cola pax make sure you sign up for the Mud Run teams in Oct and the Beast in November.   Nothing better than going off the line at one of the races with 100 of your F3 brothers!

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  1. Additional pax in attendance: Jordache (WB) and Robber (who has a high center of gravity, and was a crop duster this morning).

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