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Just not as Athletic

Perennial #WarBaby Mule and his running mate Padre took the lead of the 21 faithful gathered in the gloom this morning and led us “off campus” into uncharted territory. An Indian run with pain stations was the fare of the day, and it was a solid beat down worthy of t-claps.

Conditions: 48 degrees and clear

The Thang:

SSH x 30
LBC x 20
Merkins x 15
High Knees x 20

White Man Run – about 2 miles with pain stations and 3 solid frogger activities across busy roads.

Pain Station Stops during the run:
Russian Twists x 20
Merkins x 15
Flutter Kicks x 40
Regular Sit-Ups x 20
Wide-Arm Merkins x 12
10 Burpees on your own
Flutter Kicks x 40
LBC’s x 40
Merkins x 10

Stop at Great Wall on way back:
People’s Chair x 60 seconds
3 sets of Balls to the Wall with 20 sec. holds
Body Squats x 20
Mule Kicks x 8
LBC’s x 20
Flutter Kicks x 40
Cool Down Jog back to VSF


Ball of Man: Padre showed why he is a professional with a fantastic closing prayer.


  • This was the 2nd Q for Mule and Padre’s 1st. Well done, gentlemen. #BuildingLeaders
  • Anybody who can complete this workout can complete a 5K. Sign up for Rosewood run on 4/13. I know for certain Sway and Crawlspace have hard committed for this race.
  • Warmer weather beats the heck out of 33 degrees and raining.
  • Spartan Beast chatter is picking up. So far, 8 of our guys have committed: Chaser, Sway, Mission, Tajh, Roscoe, Logo, Heartbreaker, and this morning — Mule! Welcome into the fold, sir. Training schedule forthcoming. How ’bout the rest of you guys? We have seven MONTHS to prepare. We WILL be ready.
  • Quarry Crusher Run on 4/20 — sign up online (Google it).
  • Finally, we will have a special guest Q for Thursday. I’m not telling who. You might not like it. #Pain
  • Apologies if I missed someone in the pax list — I couldn’t find a pen this morning (but I think I got everybody).


0 thoughts on “Just not as Athletic”

  1. Is the training for the Spartan Beast over and above what we do every week? I might give it a whirl….is it a team competition or individual?

    1. Depends on how fast you want your time to be. 13+ miles and over 30 obstacles is just a tad more than normal F3 workout.

    2. It’s #CSAUP. I generally reccomend against it. Don’t do it. I do it every chance I can. But I don’t think others should. Nope, don’t do it. I probably will.

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