• When: 3/30/2013
  • QIC: Chaser and Beno (Maj. BS)
  • The PAX: Chaser, Termite (WB), Beano, Roscoe, Silver Bullet, Promo, Crawlspace, Sunshine, Bluegrass (FNG Tyler Hudson), Windmill, Cutler, Mission, Mel, Apple, Robber, Mississippi, Tugger, Nap, Sway, Heist, Sled (WD)

Dumb and Dumber

21 pax celebrated the arrival of warmer weather with a tandem Q workout from Chaser and Beano. They dealt the pain back and forth in alternating fashion that beat the faithful into humble submission.

Conditions: 54 degrees and overcast

The Thang:

Jog to high field for COP:
Merkins x15
Flutters x50
Merkins x15
Freddie x30
CDD x15
Dolly x30
Staggered hand Merkins x5 each
Sit ups x 30
Decline Merkins x20, partner holds legs. [Repeat]
Flutters x40
Merkins x15

Run around School to Hollywood Squares
Step Ups x20 each leg
Dips x15
Step Ups x15 each leg

Run to Great Wall
Mule Kick Merkins x10
People’s Chair x:90
Balls to the Wall
People’s Chair x:90

Run to Upper Field for COP
Burpees x20
Iron Cross x20
Merkins x20 (2-count)
Max Negative Merkins with partner lift

Run to Heartbreakers Brickpile
Russian Twist with bricks x25
Alternating Front/Side Flys x30
Iron Man crunches x20
Bench Press w Block x25
Squats x20
Rows x20
Arm Flutters x20
Military Press x20
Bench Press x10
Burnout Bench Press xMax
Tricep Extensions x15
Flutter Kicks w/arms extended with bricks


Ball of Man

Mel: “No 4th F today — freezing.” #Finally
Tajh UA – much grief given (via Twitter, email and text)
Beano: “Some if these guys need some Hooah. Any Hooah.”
Discussion  in COT about CSAUP events. Fall mud run and Spartan Beast.
Speaking of Beast – this workout today was tough.
Kotters to Tugger, Windmill, and Apple.


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  1. As challenged, Crawlspace signed up for the Rosewood Eagles 5K…or as Beano calls it, the warm up jog…

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