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Ice Station Tajh

Sometimes cold is just cold, and it’s not supposed to be like this at the end of March. Nevertheless, 21 frozen pax posted in Columbia for a Tajh station rotation beatdown. Much griping about the endless winter was noted.

Conditions: 32 degrees and clear

The Thang:

5 Stations. Pax divide into groups of 4, draw starting station randomly. 5 minutes per station, as many cycles as possible at each station, then rotate.

Station 1:
Strings of Fire – 50 yard run, 5 Burpees, repeat (4 cycles was typical)

Station 2:
Blocks – Curls x15, Rows x 15, Bench Press x25, repeat (twice through was typical)

Station 3:
Abs – 4-man board sit ups x25, Iron Cross x25, LBC x25, repeat (once was typical)

Station 4:
Merkins x15, CDD x15, Mountain Climbers x25, repeat (twice through was typical)

Station 5:
Flutter Kicks x100 (once was typical)


BOM: Stent led closing prayer


  • Tajh once again demonstrating that hard workouts don’t have to complicated. Nice work.
  • We got 8 stations total. Personally, I was happy to avoid the flutters and burpees the 2nd time through.
  • The general consensus is cold weather sucks and we are tired of it. Where exactly is Spring?
  • Spring Break trips knocking down our numbers a few this week and next. Must be nice.
  • Termite Awareness Week continues…


  • Sign up for Rosewook 5K (4/13) and Quarry Crusher Run (4/20) online.
  • Logo is seeking workout partners in the Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand area for Saturday. Send email to [email protected] if you don’t know his digits.

0 thoughts on “Ice Station Tajh”

  1. I chose my starting station poorly… Merkin station (x2), Flutter station (x2) and Burpee Sprints (x2). Did you notice that I didn’t say much this morning?

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