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Oh No, No, No not the Burpees

Burpees, anyone? How about more Burpees? 22 of Columbia’s finest got a heavy dose of Burpees dished out in masochistic fashion by Sway. All were better for it, in the end.

Conditions: 35 degrees and clear

The Thang:

Football Huddle: Glove check, Spartan Burpees demonstration, Word of the Day

SSH x20
IW x20
Burpees x10
Butt Kicks x20
High Knees x20
LBC x20
Burpees x10

Heartbreaker’s Brick Pile
Curls x20
Squats x20
Pick em up x20
Burpees x10

Run with Blocks to Light Post
Burpees x10
Run with Blocks back
Burpees x10

Over the Wall
Burpees x10
Plank ’til all done

Run to Berkely Hill
Burpees x10 at bottom
Bear Crawl up
Burpees x 10 at top
Mosey down Tomaka
Lunge Walk up Tomaka
Burpees x10 at top

Run back to Over the Wall
Burpees x10

LBC x20
Plank ’til all done

Ball of Man: Logo led closing prayer


Word of the Day: Romans 5:3-4   More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.


  • 100 total Burpees called
  • Sway started the workout with a demonstration of the “Spartan Race” burpees where chest hits the ground and hands leave the ground
  • The bear crawl up Berkeley Hill was awful.  #crowdpleaser
  • The general consensus is we are tired of the cold weather
  • Epstein’s Mothers to Beano and Mission. There were no flutter kicks today, and very little chatter. #NoChatterbox
  • Dreher HS Soccer coach likely to join us on Thursday. We need to keep pressing for pull up bars station
  • Welcome back First Choice! First post in about three months after injury — glad you are back.


  • Hard commit time for the Rosewood 5K (4/13) and the Quarry Crusher Run (4/20)
  • We need a 10×10 tailgate-style tent to use as a rally point for both races
  • We are going to get a banner made to hang on the tent and use it as a rally point for the races

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  1. Awesome Q Sway! I knew it was going to be tough when you said before the workout, “This is going to suck!” You are a man of your word….and there is rejoicing!

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