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A Red Dot Jody Run

Tajh took the Q an a rainy Saturday morning and led the 21 faithful on a pain-filled Indian run with stops at the red dots.

Conditions: 43 degrees, rain

The Thang:

SSH x 25
Merkins x10
Flutters x50

Red Dot Jody Run
Indian Run behind flag bearer. Stop at red dots and alternate Merkins and LBCs, starting at 10x and increasing 5x each dot.

At Adger, continue Indian Run with pain stations:
1) Merkins x10, Iron Cross x25
2) Merkins x 10, Flutters x 50
3) CDD x10, LBC x 20

Pull Up station: x5,4,3,2,1 alternating w/partner
Planks and flutters while waiting your turn on the bars.

Jody run back to DHS, Stop at red dots again and repeat pain Stations above.


Ball of Man


  • “Don’t spit to the left on an Indian run.” Chaser did his Matrix impression dodging loogies.
  • Sled reported his physical therapist rehabbing his knee offered to come talk to us about proper stretching. This brought some comments from the pax:
  • “He’s got to work out with us first.”
  • “Stretching is overrated, we pull fat, it’s what we do.”
  • “We haven’t pulled a muscle in, like, 5 minutes.”
  • Solid workout from Tajh!

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