• When: 3/21/13
  • QIC: Chaser
  • The PAX: Tonto, Sled (WD), Woody, Dr. Phil, Logo, Mission, Stent, Roscoe, Padre, Termite, Noodle, Beano, Moon River, Seeker, Mule, Chaser, Robber, Flicker, Nap, Tajh, Cheesy, Stunt, Puddin' (WB), Silver Bullet, Crawlspace, Sway

The Owl is Jealous

A brave 26 pow-wowed in the DHS gloom as Chaser led the pax on an Indian Run through the neighborhood. Pain stations were extra.

Conditions: 42 degrees and clear (I thought it was supposed to be warmer in spring?)

The Thang:

25 side straddle hops

Split into two even lines: Beano Line, Logo line for Indian runs behind the flag throughout the course from pain station to pain station.

From Dreher to Adger/Deveraux corner:
30 seconds Merkin
30 seconds sit-up w/partner, switch
30 seconds Merkin

Heathwood Circle/Deveraux
30 seconds Merkin
30 seconds sit-up w/partner, switch
30 seconds Merkin

30 seconds Merkin
30 seconds Iron Cross w/partner, switch
30 seconds wide arm Merkin

Heathwood Park
5 pull-ups x 2 sets
Plank while wait to complete

Flutter kicks x 82 for Beano (82nd Airborne)

Heathwood Circle/Elizabeth
4 count Merkins x 12
4 count wide arm Merkins x 6
2 count diamond Merkins x 3 hold at the bottom
30 seconds sit-up w/partner, switch
30 seconds Iron Cross w/partner, switch

Indian runs continue from Heathwood Circle/Elizabeth to Adger to Millwood along front of Dreher to parking lot entrance. Sprint to Circle to finish behind school.


Ball of Man


  • The pax did very well staying together and keeping pace with the flag. Chaser did a very good job of maintaining a steady pace. Running behind the shovel flag never gets old.
  • After some Twitter chatter, Chaser has made it a personal goal to make Mission spill Merlot at a workout.
  • There was an owl hooting at us from a very close tree at one of the pain station stops.
  • More than a few tomatoes along the route today, including a group who pay for what Chaser was dishing out for free.
  • Since this was a school day, we opted against front-yard fartsacker callouts. #wecouldhavemademany
  • Woody appeared somewhere along the way, not sure if he was late to Dreher and caught the pax or jumped out of bed when we passed his house, fearing another fartsacker callout.
  • Tajh as Q on Saturday

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