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Strength and Stamina

AO: Sandlot
Q: Ruby
PAX: Bayou, Coin Flip, Fenway, Two Gloves
FNGs: None
SSHs x 15 + 3 burpees
IWs x 15 + 3 burpees
Abe Vigodas x 15 + 3 burpees
HBs x 15 + 3 burpees
LBACs – forward and back x 10 each
Raise the Roof x 10
Michael Phelps x 10
Rotate a strength building exercise followed by cardio exercise
Round 1
Pull ups x 10 (or 20 if modified) follow with 10 SSHs
15 step ups each leg followed by 5 man makers w/ coupon
25 clean and press the with coupon followed by 10 Mntn climbers
25 merkins followed by short mosey
25 goblet squats followed by 10 SSHs
25 curls for girls w/ coupon followed by 5 man makers
25 OHPs w/ coupon followed by 10 SSHs
Intermission –
15 lunges per leg, 25 big boys, bear crawl 22 steps, 25 bayou mercuries, crab walk 22 steps, 25 LBCs, 22 fiddlers left, 15 side obliques (each side), 22 fiddlers right, 20’iron cross
Repeat Round 1 but cut from 25 to 15 reps

WO at Westwood on Sat at 0600
Sandlot convergence end of Feb
Charleston 10 yr on 3/11

What are you saying?
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