• When: 2022-09-17
  • QIC: Runt
  • The PAX: Coin Flip, Bayou, Runt, Fenway, BunkBed, twogloves, broke down, pythagaros, Nino Brown

[sandlot] Smoking Aces (tennis court rendition)

AO: Sandlot
Q: Runt
PAX: Coin Flip, Bayou, Runt, Fenway, BunkBed, twogloves, broke down, pythagaros, Nino Brown
FNGs: 1 Nino Brown
20 SSH
20 Copperhead Squats
20 Through the tunnel
10 LBAC forward, backward
10 seal claps
10 raise the roofs

THE THANG: Love, 15, 40
Round 1
Love – 54 power Jacks
Lt. Dan to each corner followed by 15 ATMs rinse and repeated 3 times

Round 2
Burpee broad jump to one corner followed by 30 American Thors followed by fiddler crab to the next corner followed by 30 American Thors. Rinse and repeated.

Round 3
40 mountain climbers (4 count cadence) followed by a mosey. Rinse and repeated 3 times

MARY: None

Welcomed FNG – Nino Brown
9/24/22 F3 Columbia IPC at Spring Valley High School

Sandlot will move our start time to 5:00 am to 5:45 am on Tuesday’s  and Thursday’s beginning 9/20/22. This will allow a greater number of Pax to start and finish in time whose work schedules start earlier in the day. Saturday work out times will remain from 6:30 am-7:30 am.

For pax that interest we will begin book club on Intentional Living by John Maxwell beginning in October 2022.  Order hard copy or digital before that time. Further details to come.

What is your story?
Story has the power to connect us.
Each of our lives tell a story.
What do you want your story to tell?
We are the authors of our own story and had total control to make it great.
Christ lived with intentionality as he was about his Fathers will.
In order for the story of our lives to have significance we must also strive to live with intentionality.
Like Christ when we live with intentionality we transform ourselves, our families, our community, and the word.

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