• When: 2022-09-19
  • QIC: Leprechaun
  • The PAX: Leprechaun, Wally, BunkBed, Hawg, Bradley - F3(Dwight)

Slight Incline

AO: -Rock
Q: Hawg
PAX: Leprechaun, Wally, BunkBed, Hawg, Bradley – F3(Dwight)
FNGs: 1 Bradley – F3(Dwight)

50 Merkins, 50 Body Squats

Hill Circuit
25 Merkins at the bridge
25 Big Boys at the top
= 1 lap
• Repeat and reduce by one rep on the merkins and Big Boys each lap until 6:15.

“Rocky Road” Run-Only Option
Run from the top of Rockbridge and up Eastshore Rd, turnaround at Sandwood Dr. repeat for 30 min.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 10 yr Anniversary, Bullseye 1/2, Cold Brew 1/2 ish.

COT: Zima, DeVille’s M, Pele

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