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Ruby Q

AO: Sandlot
Q: Ruby
PAX: Bayou, Fenway, Keith Price (Blooper), Ruby, Two Gloves, Runt
FNGs: None
You know – SSHs x20, IWsx15, TTHsx15, HBsx15, Abe Vigodasx15, LBACs – forward, backward x 10, Raise the roof x 10, Arm flutters x10, Micheal Phelps x 10

Station 1 – Starting at playground – Pull ups x 10, backward lunge x 10, 5 regular burpees,
Station 2 – Grab coupons – 20 block swings, colt 45s, 5 Rocky Marciano burpees ( courtesy of Fenway)
John Cusack and suitcase carry coupons to front of park –
Station 3 – Bent over rows x 20
Squirrels x 15
5 man makers with coupon
Mosey to hot tub hill w/out coupon
Station 4- Circle of merkins – 90 total (15 per pax)
Bicycle squats x 20
5 frogged burpees
Mosey to bottom of hill
Station 5 – 20 big boys
20 Captain Thors
5 Navy Seal Burpees
Mosey to top of hot tub hill back to Station 4 – Rinse and repeat
Mosey back to station 3 – Rinse and repeat
John Cusack and suitcase carry back to Station 2 – rinse and repeat
Back to Station 1- Rinse and repeat
Boot camp at SV high school football field this Saturday – 0630
Assault on Mt Mitchell – May 20 (details forthcoming)
The Murph – Monday May 29
Matthew 5: 14-16. “Be the light”.

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