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Relentless Hunger

31 men assembled around the Shovel Flag planted in Irmo this AM ready to put their mettle to the test. The QIC’s attempt to prepare a workout that would push most men to their breaking point was futile, proving that the indomitable spirit of #Strut will not be broken.
Conditions: Cloudy. 72 degrees. 87% humidity.
The Thang:
Collect 2 bricks each
Warm up jog to football field
-shuffling side to side, jogging backwards, high knees and kick backs along the way
SSH x 41
Imperial Walkers x 15
Squats x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Merkins x 15
LBC’s x 15
Carolina Drydocks x 15
Russian Twists x 15
Burpees x 15 (OYO)
Flutter Kicks x 15
Alternate brick raises x 15
Tabata Intervals: 20 seconds of work / 10 seconds of “rest” (active recovery)
      Work    /    “Rest”
1). Burpees / SSH  (4 rounds)
2). Sit ups / Deadbugs (4 rounds)
3). Merkins / Mountain Climbers (4 rounds)
4). Squats / Hold low squat position (4 rounds)
Mosey to other end of football field
Split into 2 groups: Exercising in parallel lines
1). Plank hops -Pax hold low plank in a row while one man hops over each man holding plank
        -Repeat until all have hopped
2). Indian run – Pax performs walking lunges in a line while man at end of line sprints to front of line
        -Repeat until all have sprinted
AMRAP (7 minutes)
3 Turkish get-ups per side
10 merkins
15 bicycle crunches
1 sprint from goal line to 40 yard line and back
Mosey to Heartbreak Ridge
Rotating high plank
Bear crawl up hill / Reverse bear crawl down hill
SSH x 15
All you’ve got from the base of Heartbreak Ridge back to Shovel Flag
Ball of Man: Led by Alter Boy
#Strut continues to impress with their relentless hunger for all things F3: Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Thinking I’d crank up the intensity a little with the workout this AM, the pax handled everything I threw at them and seemed as if they wanted even MORE!
The highlight of the workout occurred during the plank hops. After a non-stop barrage of brutality in the COP followed by 4 back-to-back sets of grueling Tabata intervals, the pax found themselves in a low plank waiting their turn to offer their best Peter Cottontail impersonation. Staged in two lines, I looked up to see Uno stand for his turn to jump over his Group 1 comrades. Those of us holding the low plank, counted out as he jumped over each man. As he leapt over the 15th and final member of Group 1, Uno dismounted the hops with a pirouette-barrel roll that would have made The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes proud! It was truly an epic feat of athleticism that garnered a roar of applause from Group 2. T-claps to you, Uno!
Great #coffeeteria at Lizards Thicket with 12 making it out. There is such a great atmosphere amongst the pax. Lots of laughing and solid fellowship amongst #Strut. One of the guys brought up the idea of having a golf outing. Stay tuned….more to come on this in the near future as plans are under way.
Neckbrace has stepped up and has the Q for Tuesday. Who will step forward to lead us on Thursday?
T-claps to Beta Max for keeping YHC on track with the announcements. Thank you, brother!
Prayer requested for Steve Moore (Pedro) fighting RIM fire in California and David Yohan (Drain Pipe) on his mission trip to Peru.
AmFibious 5k is 9/2. We’re expecting a big crowd (as in potentially over 100). If you still want to participate just let Fountainhead know. ([email protected]) I was given checks this AM from two guys that want to participate!
Interest was stated in the Governor’s Cup at #Strut this AM. The race is 11/9. Commit now and work with Amble to get trained up. Plenty of time. Sign up with our discount code after 9/1. Please contact Chaser (@PJasonReynolds) if you’d like to join the F3 team. We’re going to start listing the current commits: Chaser SubPrime FountainHead Bubbles Snuggles Drive-by Kitty 8-mile Yellow Cake

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