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#CONVERGENCE Ring Run o' Pain

Forty-Nine faithful from #Amble, #Brickpile and #SwampFox converged on the old stomping grounds at Dreher, this time with 4 #ShovelFlags and the debut of the #TheCarolinaFlag, Saturday morning to spend a solid hour with Sub Prime and Chaser.

Conditions: 72 but with “only” 84% humidity and a 5-10mph breeze made it feel almost fall-ish.

SSH – 30 (4ct)

Ring Run to Heathwood Park with 4 Flags
Adger/Albion (Chaser)
30 sec Merkins
60 sec 6 inches
30 sec Merkins
60 sec 6 inches

Heathwood Cir/Cassina (Sub Prime)
30 sec Jump Squats
60 sec Plank
30 sec Jump Squats
60 sec Plank

Cassina/Abelia (Chaser)
30 sec Wide Arm Merkins
60 sec Russian Twist
30 sec Diamond Merkins
60 sec Low Plank

The Park
Chaser 25 SSH (4ct)
Sub Prime 25 Freddie (4ct)
Chaser 25 CDD (4ct)
Sub Prime 25 Flutters (4ct)

Split into Two Groups and Partner Up

Chaser Group: Lunge Walk on basketball court (continuous until SP Group finishes)

Sub Prime Group: Bear Crawl halfway from Abelia/Cassina to Kawana, partner up and wheel barrow back switching at a halfway point.

Groups Switch

Ring Run Back to Dreher
Devereaux/Heathwood Circle (Sub Prime)
Flutter Kicks – 41 (4ct)

Devereaux/Adger (Chaser)
30 sec burpees
15 sec rest
30 sec burpees
15 sec rest
30 sec burpees
15 sec rest
30 sec burpees

Run to COP on lower field
Sub Prime: 25 sit-ups OYO
Chaser: Merkins x 10 (2ct) with last 5 hold it low and #rockit
Sub Prime: Hello Dolly x 25 to Protractor

Ball of Man led by Chaser

– Great group with great effort on a tough workout.
– We momentarily lost a FNG to hydration problems after the park work. A reminder to us all to hydrate even with the “cooler” weather coming.


-AmFibious 5k is 9/2. We’re expecting a big crowd (as in potentially over 100). If you still want to participate just let Fountainhead know. ([email protected])

-NEW Workout: #THUNDER – Starting Tuesday there will be a new Tues/Thurs bootcamp at Hand Middle School in Shandon 5:45-6 called #Thunder. Sub Prime is going to be the area Q. Contact him if you’re interested in Qing over there. We need guys to go to that workout to thin out numbers at #Brickpile and #Swampfox (primarily at #Brickpile). We encourage you to consider heading over there to be a part of something new and feel free to bounce between workouts.

-Governor’s Cup is 11/9. Commit now and work with Amble to get trained up. Plenty of time. Sign up with our discount code after 9/1.
We’re going to start listing the current commits:
Yellow Cake

Who else? You’ll never have a better shot at achieving this goal. F3 Columbia is here to help you to the next level.

-HappyHourHumpDay this Wednesday. 5:30 at Flying Saucer.

-3rdF efforts are under way. TB is taking a leadership role. Contact him if you’re interested in helping out and be looking for announcements soon for a evening Bible study. ([email protected])

-Standing lunch Wednesday at Lizard’s Thicket on Beltline. High Noon.

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  1. Had a blast splitting Q with Chaser. If you haven’t Q’d please step up. I promise you won’t regret it. Glad High Risk is fairing better!

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