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Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, You know what day it is?

11 faithful posted up for #F3 Columbia’s first #HDHH at one of Columbia’s finest establishments for a grabbing a pint or two.  The Hunter Gatherer graciously accomodated our group as we expanded on a trickle in basis.

Conditions: uhh, dark, oak-ey, rustic?

Tha Thang:

Happy Hour.

2nd F socialization was nice.  Lawyers talked about Lawyerin with other Lawyers that they don’t work with…which I hear is always nice. And then we talked college football and baseball (this is #columbia!)  which everyone is good at talking about (this is #columbia) and then some basketball (pretty decent at talking about#this is columbia). and then everyone went home because we freaking workout in the Gloom!

Hunter Gatherer is a small brewery/restaurant in Cola right behind the state house, next to campus with an awesome 4 or 5 beers.

next week we try the Flying Saucer! #HDHH @530 Come and Join us Brothers!

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