• When: 04/18/2017
  • QIC: ChopShop and Slumdog
  • The PAX: Sweetness, Billy Bob, Mcnugget, RA, Wally, Heidi, Boo Boo, Pinkman

Q vs. Q

The thang-

CS– 1/3 mile mozy then 50 squats, Merkins and LBCs.

SD– Little Baby Arm Circles with claps for the Bravos in between.

CS–Partner up and AMRAP Monkey Humpers, Merkins and Squats whilepartner runs loop in front of Satchelford

SD–Lung walk/bear crawl to grass in front of school. Flutters, 50 Russian Twists, 40 LBC

CS– Go to Playground. 30 second hang with 3 pullups at end x3. 50 Dips 50 squats.

SD– Playground 75 iron cross, big boy SUs ad Carolina Dry Docks

Wind Sprints to end.

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