• When: 10/24/15
  • QIC: CornStache & McLovin
  • The PAX: Adrian, Promo, Collar, Hawg, Hash & Rice, JV, Kenny G, CornStache, McLovin

Pushing The Rock at Battle

9 PAX emerged from the #Fartsack this morning not looking for the easy thing but seeking out the hard thing. Each Saturday at 7:00 AM at #Battle, the hard thing takes on a unique form. Each Saturday at 7:00 AM at #Battle, an opportunity like no other exists to be stretched mentally and physically. Each Saturday at 7:00 AM at #Battle, the PAX do one thing among all others:   They #PushTheRock.

Conditions – Irrelevant at Battle (55 Degrees and overcast – perfect burpee weather)

The Thang:

Part I – McLovin



SSH x 40 (IC)

Monkey Humpers x 30 (IC)

Flutter Kicks x 40 (IC)


Fast mosey to soccer field. Line up on end line.


The #Battle Dozen (play on a Baker’s Dozen)


13 Burpees/13 Squat Jumps/13 Rocky Sit-ups (Countdown from 13 to 1 – 91 reps)


Air chair until the six arrives (T-Claps to CornStache for leading Pax since he finished first)


The Weight of the World – 10 Min AMRAP

Pax will line up on end line facing school. First Pax will put on 25lb weight vest and sprint length of field and back. Remaining Pax will do various AMRAP’s (Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Squats, Monkey Humpers, Big Boy Sit-ups, SSH) until each Pax turn to run and until all Pax complete.


Hand the keys to the crazy train to Cornstache.


Part II – CornStache


Fast Mosey to Battle Loop where 9 PAX present divide into 3 groups 3 PAX. Each group performed exercises in following sets w/50 seconds of exercise followed by 25 seconds of rest between each exercise.


Set #1 – Pull Ups/Burpees/Shoulder Touches

Set #2 – Elbows to Knees/Merkins with Plank Jack/Chair Squats on Bench

Set #3 – Tuck Jumps/Squats/Balls to Wall

Set #4 – Toes to Bars/Flutter Kicks/Sprint Around Battle Loop


5 Pull Ups (OYO)


Fast Mosey to Courtyard


Russian Twists x 34 (IC)

LBCs x 20 (OYO)

V-Ups x 10 (OYO)


Fast Mosey to Flag (which was not there because flag at F3 Mud Run)


COT – Cornstache


BOM – McLovin



  • It is always an honor and privilege to lead the PAX at #Battle. Nothing quite like the show of mutual respect that occurs at the conclusion of a Q at #Battle, where nothing is left in the tank after 60 minutes of extra strength #DRP.
  • The incorporation of the weight vest was “eagerly” welcomed by the PAX, although I had some concerns that Promo was going to refuse to wear it. Promo was proudly sporting his Battle t-shirt and hoodie today. #CompanyMan
  • Great numbers this AM at #Battle on the Saturday of the F3 Mud Run. Great to have our brothers from Charleston, JV, and Lexington, Hash & Rice. Always welcome to join us again soon.




  • T-Claps to our brothers who crushed the F3 Mud Run and Ray Tanner Home Run today.
  • Time to start training for the P200. Get out and start running.
  • Continue to seek out ways to serve our community as we build on the momentum of our efforts following the flood. Continue to #PushTheRock.









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