• When: 10/24/2015
  • QIC: Betamax
  • The PAX: Sisterwife, Love Bug, Beads, Belding, Crack, Staccato, Betamax

Farmer’s Square and Blocking Hills

First – I’m not Beads. Sorry. No ninjas, earth-quakes or alien abductions will be mentioned in this backblast after this line. Again…sorry. (Editor’s note from Beads: I thought about embellishing but I barely have the strength in my arms to lift them above the keyboard).

7 PAX arrived for a beautifully cool and clear butt-kicking of block loving fun. 57 degrees with next to no humidity – perfect for star gazing while doing flutter kick. As always, when we big boys Q we have to put more weight on those fast boys to slow them down to our speed.

Here’s the hurt we did:

Mosey to the brickpile for a little COP.


20 Squats IC

20 LBAC Forward IC

20 LBAC Backward IC

20 Air Press IC

20 Flutter Kicks IC

Grab TWO blocks and head to the Betamax Farmer’s Square (upper field)

Four Corners – At each corner do reps increasing at each corner by 3 (Farmers Carry two blocks between each corner)




Shoulder Press

Rinse and Repeat (arms, chest and back were feeling it)

Take blocks back to the brickpile and, just like a father with multiple children always does, choose a favorite to take with you.

Over the wall and mosey with the block to the corner of Adger and Devereaux. (The PAX seemed to love moseying with the block.) (Editor’s note from Beads – this was not fun at all).

20 Flutter Kicks IC

Mosey with the block to the end of Devereaux for Blocking Hills.

3-6-9 With the block – do reps at the bottom and top of each hill, increasing by 3 each time.

Bottom of Hill 1 – Squats

Top of the Hill – Merkins

Bottom of Hill 2 – Big Boy Sit Ups

Flutter Kicks at the top until the last man arrives.

25 Flutter Kicks IC

Carry the block back to the corner of Adger and Devereaux – 25 Curls IC

Take the blocks back over the wall to the brick pile and say goodbye to your favorite child. Mosey to the lower field for 5 Minutes of Mary

30 Flutter Kicks IC

20 Chaser LBC IC

20 Freddy Mercury IC

High-Low Plank Circuit until 2 minutes overtime



Moleskin: A good time was had by some. The boys got a taste of what it’s like to be Betamax every day and most were as cranky as YHC during a normal workout by the end of it. We thought about you men killing the Mud Run today and sent good vibes and all the speed we didn’t use.


It was a little late for Mud Run sign ups.

Several running races coming up – ask anyone that runs…not YHC.

Six for Coffeeteria.