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Use the Toolbox


If you’ve ever tried to explain F3 to a friend, you know the frustration. We all know what it means to us, but a guy you work with or your brother in law sometimes can’t grasp the 2nd and 3rd Fs. It’s easy to describe a boot camp workout – and that’s what draws guys to us – but most of our pax have no idea how to adequately describe the importance of the fellowship, the accountability, how Iron Sharpens Iron, and how there’s something bigger than all of us that has nothing to do with religion or going to church. I’m here to tell you this: Stop Trying.

The single most effective means of recruiting an FNG to a workout is the Emotional Headlock – the one-on-one invitation to join us in the gloom. This weekend we introduced the latest tool in the F3 EH arsenal: the white board video “What is F3?” Instead of trying to explain F3 in depth, have that conversation with your FNG then send him the tools to fill in the blanks. The white board video is about 90 seconds long and concisely tells the story of F3.

Additionally, the “This is F3” video from a few years ago shows what a workout actually looks like. The WIS story from Columbia hits on all 3 Fs. The GORUCK 707 video gives a glimpse into #CSAUP. The website offers story after story (what Dredd calls #WasNows) of guys whose lives have been changed by F3, but if YOU try to explain things like that, your FNG won’t understand it, he won’t get it, and he might not post. Let him figure out that stuff on his own – let the tools do the work. Your only job is to send him to the toolbox. Go get ’em.

The EH video Toolbox:


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