• When: 3/5/13
  • QIC: Logo
  • The PAX: Sled (WD), Flicker, St. Joe, Stunt, Silver Bullett, Pele', Logo, Heartbreaker, Roscoe, Cheesy, Crawlspace, Dr. Phil, Woody, Stent, Beano, Robber, Tajh, Seeker, Jordache (WB), Mel, Flamer, Chaser, Puddin', Moon River, Sway, Noodle, Wing Nut, Padre, Tonto

Prisoner's Painfest

28 faithful assembled at DHS for a Tuesday morning downPAINment, expecting heavy running since Logo had the Q. The ensuing block party was not what the pax anticipated.

Conditions: 41 degrees, overcast

The Thang:

Warm-up lap around school and head to upper field

SSH x 25
Merkins x 12
Old school sit-ups x 25
Wide arm merkins x 10
Flutter kicks x 25

Jog to Heartbreakers brick pile
Curls with blocks x 15
Curls with bricks x 20
Squats with blocks x 12
Squats with bricks x 10
Hello Dolly x 20
LBC x 15
Plank position with bricks and one arm rows – 5 reps each arm x 4
Curls with blocks x10
Curls with bricks x15

Break into 3 groups for station work
Group 1 – lunge walk from tree to fence with bricks
Group 2 – Russian twist x 20
Group 3 – Bar pulls at the Prisoner’s Cage  x 20


Jog to Hollywood Squares
Step ups x 20 each leg
Decline Merkins x 12

Lunge walk x 40 to Great Wall of Pain

Flutter kicks x 25
Peoples Chair x 60
Slow merkins x 5
Peoples Chair x 60
LBC x 15

Run to COT

Ball of Man:  Stent led closing prayer


  • Solid Q by Logo this morning. #Innovative
  • T-claps to  Crawl Space, Beano aka Major BS and Stent for helping layout blocks and bricks before the workout began.
  • Congratulations Jordache on your new warm-up pants
  • Roscoe, there were no comments about your form this morning.
  • Roscoe has the Q on Thursday.
  • Columbia shirts should be in by Thursday, Saturday at the latest.
  • Don’t forget Wednesday F3 lunch at Lizard’s Thicket, back room. #2ndF


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