• When: 3/2/13
  • QIC: Mission
  • The PAX: Mission, Noodle, Cheesy, Jordache (WB), Tonto, Mule, Cutler, Silver Bullett, Chaser, Sled (WD), Logo, Roscoe, Sub-Prime (FNG Mark Tibshrany), Robber, Mel, Termite, Woody, Dr. Phil, Nap, Seeker, Dr. Evil (FNG Robert Hillman), Mississippi, Crawlspace, Pele', Stent and Kilowatt (both un-assed early to run 5K)

A Lopsided Hawaiian Beatdown

The shovel flag was staked in the DHS schoolyard and 27 souls gathered in the gloom for Mission’s return Q. I’m sure the spirited pax and close-to-freezing temps reminded him of the Hawaiian island he just left.

Conditions: 35 degrees, overcast, breezy

The Thang:

Jog to Upper Field – COP:
SSH x20
LAC x20 Forward
High Knees x 20
LAC x20 Backward
Butt Kicks x20
Mountain Climbers x10
LBC x20
Mountain Climbers (again) x20
Merkins x15
Flutter Kicks x20

Move to Sideline – Field Games:
Bear Crawl halfway then Crab Walk. Backwards run back.
High Knee Thrusts (not skips) across, backwards run back.
Lunge Walk across, backwards run back.
Sprint across/5 burbees/Sprint back x3

Move to Heartbreakers Brickpile – get CMU for Lopsided Lifting:
One arm bent over rows x10 each side
Asstastic Planks x16
Calf Raises on CMU x20 each
Right-weighted squats x15
Canted Merkins x7 each side
Left-weighted squats x15

Move to Hollywood Squares:
Dips x15
Diamond Merkins x10
Step-ups x15 each
Zipper x1, then move to

Wall Street:
People’s Chair x:90
Squats x20
Merkins x10
People’s Chair x:90

SMM – Dealer’s Choice:
Freddie Mercury x21 (Sway)
Iron Crosses x15 (Logo)
Boat Canoe x3 (Nap)
Rosalita x20 (Robber)
LBC x20 (Jordache)

Zipper x4 for Termite


Ball of Man: Sway led closing prayer


  • Solid Q by Mission, who asserted his command when Logo suggested a harder version of an exercise. He simply said “NO.”
  • Spirited workout with lots of chatter — Mission took it somewhat personally that people could talk and wondered if he was being too easy on the pax
  • With Beano absent on official business, Sway deemed the AO a “flutter-free zone.” The mandate was quickly violated by Mission
  • After the ab work, Jordache was delighted that his “abs are gonna look awesome.” Enjoy Spring Break while us old farts live vicariously through you. #youthiswatedontheyoung
  • Fail of the day: Robber calling cadence in SMM. It’s harder than it looks, but hey man — it’s not rocket science
  • I’m not sure exactly what the comments were concerning Roscoe’s squat form, and quite frankly I don’t think I want to, but it was entertaining
  • Woody — an architect — informed us this morning that the proper name for a cinder block is a “CMU” or “Concrete Masonry Unit.”
  • Epstein’s Mothers to Beano and Heartbreaker


  • Shirts should be in this week — Columbia and F3 Racing Shirt
  • Promo’s 5K on April 13 and Quarry Run on April 20
  • Beano’s ceremony on June 15


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