• When: 3/7/13
  • QIC: Tajh
  • The PAX: Tonto and Silver Bullett (both LIFO), Roscoe, Mission, Heartbreaker, Beano, Cheesy, Woody, Seeker, Moon River, Sled (WD), Tajh, Crawlspace, Robber, Stent, Logo, Pele', Clodhopper (FNG Andy Wilson), Noodle, Flicker, Wing Nut (WB), Flossy, Sway, Stunt

Ladders and Strings — Embracing the Suck

As dawn was breaking over DHS, 24 pax went straight to the Brickpile to choose the perfect pair (of bricks) in prep for Roscoe’s pain fest. Ladders and strings: embrace the suck.

Conditions: 35 degrees and clear

The Thang:

Get two bricks, run from back parking lot to Adger/Devereaux corner. Pain Station: Merkins x15

Continue run down Devereaux, turn left on Albion (?), to Heatherwood. Pain Station: Arm Flutters with bricks x20, LBC x20.

Run to base of Tomaka hill for Jacobs Ladder x7 (Burpees at top, count down 7-1)
Plank, arm raises R/L
Flutters x20

Run back to DHS upper field, COP:
LBC x20
Freddie x20
Boat Canoe x3

Move to end line, lower field for Strings of Fire:
100 yd sprint
Merkins x15
LBC x15
Squats x15
[Repeato x3]

Jog back to parking lot, return bricks.


Ball of Man: Roscoe closed with prayer


  • This one really sucked. A double stack suck of Jacobs Ladder AND Strings of Fire. #crowdpleaser
  • I really thought Merlot would be spilled today. Lots of gurgling, but no Merlot.
  • Roscoe has proven to be a master of pain. Well done; great Q. #SteppingItUpaNotch
  • “My fingers are so cold.”   “Don’t worry, in a few minutes they’ll be numb and you won’t feel ’em.”
  • I’ve never seen more old people walking dogs than we did this morning. At least 8 canines.
  • The breaking dawn early was a treat and a tease — Daylight savings time starts this weekend so it’s back to the gloom. Warmer weather is on the horizon, however.
  • Welcome to Clodhopper! He is part of a group trying to assemble in Lexington.
  • Tajh spoke in the COT on the importance of form and full range of motion. He will Q on Saturday.
  • Shirts will arrive today and be distributed on Saturday.
  • EM to Chaser, skiing in Breckenridge (talk about suck — it’s you)
  • EM to Beano on Saturday — running Columbia Half Marathon, only the half because he’s “running it with a friend.”

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