• When: 3/10/13
  • QIC: Tajh
  • The PAX: Tajh, Crawlspace, Low Dot, SubPrime (WB), Stent, Touch n Go, Ozone (FNG Thomas Gremillion), Cutler, Stegman, Molar, Mission, Dr. Evil, Mississippi, Heist, Robber, Logo, Sway, Sled (WD), Dr. Phil, Silver Bullet, Pele', Sunshine, Mel

A Day At the Movies

23 pax met this morning for a Tajh-led beatdown. For whatever reason, there was lots of chatter about movies this morning. 2 additional pax ran the Columbia Half Marathon and get attendance credit!

Logo loop with Red dots x 10 per dot
Murkins x 50
LBC x 50

COP with red bricks
Side Straddle Hop 25
LB arm circles front and back 20
Crawl out Crawl back 10
Arm Flutters x 15
Interval high punches 15
Bricks front against chest- bent arm 15
Front and pull back each arm 15
Bricks front standing flys 15
together front pull back (bench press) 15
Curls-speed 1 min
Jab across body 15
Lat lunge curl Right 15
Lat lunge curl Left 15
Uppercuts with bricks 15
Tricept curls (behind the head) 15
Noodle Jacks 15

Flutters x 50
Power up: superman position to standing position x 10
Murkins x 5
Forearm back and forth x 5
Murkin w Elbow strike x 5
Forearm to Plank and back x 5
Tricep w/ bricks 1 min
Flutters x 50
Brick Sit up X 10

Jacobs Ladder
Burpees 5,4,3,2,1
LBC 10,15,20,25,30
Logo Loop 2nd dot-plank and wait
Murkins x 30 per dot
LBC x 30 per dot

Flutters x 50



  • This was a solid workout from Tajh! Combined some running with some interval exercises, and the Jacobs ladder with pain at both sides was tough.
  • I lost count, but there were at least 8 different movie  references/quotes uttered in mumbles. Part of it had to be delirium.
  • Lots of EM’s today.
  • Tonto and Beano ran the Columbia Half Marathon.
  • Our War Baby was 33 today. Where were all the young bucks?
  • Robber became the 1000th person to post in Columbia since the October 20, 2012 Big Bang.



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