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Ping Pong in the Sog

27 Columbia pax converged on Dreher High School for a ping pong Q from Chaser and Sway. Soggy fields meant lots of pavement.

Conditions: 75 degrees, wet, but not raining

The Thang:
Warmup run: Logo’s Loop (1 mile)

COP – Sidewalk at front entrance of DHS, Chaser and Sway alternating calls:
Merkin’s x10
Close Squats x15
Wide Merkins x15
Squats x15
Diamond Merkins x10
Imperial Walkers x20
Chaser LBCs x20
Jungle Boi Squats x18
Low Slow flutters x20
Regular Sit-ups x30
Decline Merkins x10 (steps)
Step Hops x:30 AMRAP
Partner up, Iron Cross x:30 AMRAP, Flapjack
Iron Twist x:30, Flapjack
Mountain Climbers x20

Run to Heartbreakers Brickpile, get block and bricks:
Rows x20
Curls x21
Alternating shoulder flys x20
Triceps x21
Moving Offset Merkins on block x12
Asstastic planks x20
Low Slow flutters x30

Move to Parking lot for #ArkLoader:
Lunge walk across, backward run back, repeat x2
Suicides across lot
Dragon Walk to first line, run back
Frog Jump to first line, backwards run back
Merkins x10
Bear Crawl to line, Crab Walk back

Run to #ShovelFlags:
Low Slow Flutters x20


Ball of Man


  • Pretty good turnout for the holiday weekend. Lots of vacation #EpsteinsMothers
  • A large firey ball of light appeared in the sky as the workout was ending. Many pax were afraid until Checker explained this thing was called “The Sun” and it would dry and warm the earth and provide life to all creatures.
  • There was a significant conversation about the upcoming #SummerFuelChallenge. Tips, advice, encouragement, etc. We are ready to begin.
  • The near-100% humidity made for a very sweaty session. This was particularly noticeable during the Iron Cross when the person standing is dripping onto the person below. The quote of the day came during this time, from Heist. The laughter was hard enough to stop the workout mid-rep. You will need to ask someone who was present because I, as the author, do not wish the text to be included in my Google profile.
  • Blue shirt order deadline next weekend.
  • Irmo name are being collected.
  • F3 Dads camp in August looks fun – lots of interest.
  • State House convergence in two weeks was proposed and approved. Details to follow.
  • Here are the Salomon trail running shoes Rivet promoted last week. #Dry  http://www.salomon.com/us/range/trail-running-footwear.html?CMPID=ps_sports_us_gg_brand_run_salomon%2Btrail%2Bshoes

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