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The Tortoise and the Hare: Untold Story

It was the night before the F3 Summer Fuel Challenge and pax Tortoise and Hare joined each other for a pre-diet binge.  Each consumed vast quantities of bread and pasta smothered in a ground beef sauce.  The wine flowed.  Pound cake and ice-cream covered with a home made chocolate syrup rounded out the evenings gluttony.  It was a glorious meal.

#Amble hill repeats the morning after, however, tested more than the leg strength of the two runners.  Tortoise chose a pace well suited to his previous evenings feast while Hare bounded up the hill keeping pace with the other jack-rabbits of the group.  Before too long, however, Hare pulled up.  The pasta and meat sauce, the wine and ice cream, overcame Hare’s epiglottis and was unceremoniously sprayed at the foot of a pine tree.  While Hare was busy unburdening his digestive system, Tortoise snuck up the hill and passed his ailing friend.

In spite of Hare’s difficulties, and complaining only of an unsuccessful total purge, two hill repeats later, Hare regained his lead on Tortoise finishing out the run well ahead of the slower but still full comrade.

Moral: Train for speed and, even if you blow chunks halfway up the hill, you’ll still be faster than a tortoise.

Conditions:  77 degrees, 88% humidity… but NOT raining!

The Thang:

Warmup 3/4 mile jog down Trenholm Road from KBC
30 minutes AMRAP of the Lonsford Hill (.35 up and back or .18 uphill, .18 downhill, rinse & repeat).
Cool down 3/4 jog back to the COT

COT & BOM: Closed out by Fountainhead


-T-Claps to the pax this morning.  Most completed 9 full revolutions with many doing 9 1/2 and 10.  Strong work after a long weekend.  That’s a lot of hill in 30 minutes.

-F3 Summer Fuel Challenge has begun.  See: http://f3nation.com/2013/07/01/2013-summer-fuel-challenge/ and get to it.

CONVERGENCE – TUESDAY, JULY 9TH AT DHS.  For those of you on holiday or somehow missed it, tomorrow will be a special convergence at Dreher High School in which we’ve been told a camera crew from WIS will document the pax in gloom.  Normal Tuesday time: 5:45.  Wear some F3 swag if you’ve got it.

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