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Lights…Camera…Actio…Camera?…Camera??? #FartsackingPhotographer

Forty-Six men from #Amble, #Brickpile and #Swampfox converged in the gloom for a workout that was to be filmed by a WIS News camera crew with our resident news anchor Ben Hoover (F3 Ron Burgandy) participating in the workout.  Like many F3ers have in the past, and will in the future, the camera man “called in sick” (aka fartsacked) and thus the 46 pax were all dressed up for nothing more than a business as usual Tuesday morning beatdown.

Conditions: 74 and partly cloudy.


Half lap from COT to lower field.

SSH x 25

4ct Merkins x 12

Partner up and line up at the tree line on the lower field.

6 rounds for time:

400 yard run

24 lunges (12 each leg)

24 merkins (2 ct)

24 squats

After first groups completed and while others finished:

Flutters x 30

Plank o’ Rama :60 seconds

Russian Twist x 20

Plank o’ Rama 3 minutes  (High/Low, Left/Right)

Flutters (low and slow) x 25 w/ protractor at the end

Mosey to Great Wall:

People’s Chair :90 seconds

CLBCs x 20 (slow count hold at the top)

People’s Chair :60 seconds

Mosey to COT


Ball of Man led by Chaser with specific prayers for Clay Timbes’ surgery tomorrow.


– Well…that didn’t workout like we’d planned.  Ron Burgandy says he’ll be out there with a camera on Thursday…we’ll see.  Stay tuned for emails/tweets.

– 4 pax showed at #SwampFox after not seeing/checking emails and/or tweets.  Stunt led a workout for the three who stayed (T-Claps to Stunt, Cotton, Beamer for getting it done.).  If you’re not on Twitter it would be a good idea to get on if for no other reason than to follow @F3Columbia as we share a great deal of information that way.  We do this because we don’t want to flood everyone’s email inboxes and it allows us to get out information quickly. Sign up for Twitter here: https://twitter.com/ (Some good F3 follows: @f3columbia, @F3nation, @DreddCNC, @flynnbowie, @cotchett1, @pjasonreynolds, @moniteurF3, @mission_F3, @f3_today, @f3metro, @f3area51 among others)

July 16 deadline for the Columbia F3 shirt.  It is in the gear store here: http://f3.mudgear.com/SC–Columbia_c_30.html If you’re planning to do the Mud Run this fall you need this shirt.  All the F3 workouts either wear their workout’s shirt (Isotope, Area 51, etc) or the standard F3 Race Jersey (black, fitted).  We’d love to have a strong showing of our blue shirt as it is the only blue shirt in F3 Nation.  Get one so we can make a statement.

Summer Fuel Challenge is now in our 2nd day.  It is not too late to start. Many of us are in. Here are the deets: http://f3nation.com/2013/07/01/2013-summer-fuel-challenge/

-Standing lunch at Beltline Lizard’s Thicket tomorrow at noon.




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