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#Amble Report: Wet 8

After a long day of celebratory eating and drinking, flags and fireworks, seven men rose early in the misty gloom to undo the previous day’s damage.  As has become our Columbia status quo, it rained much of the night, rained during the workout, rained during the COT keeping the warm and damp pax well hydrated through the 5 mile figure 8 Lake Katherine circuit.

Conditions: 75 degrees and drizzling

The Thang:

Lake Katherine 5 mile figure 8:  From KBC, downhill on Forest Ridge to the left hand turn onto Quail Lane.  Quail to a right on Shady and then right again onto Woodlake to cross between the Lakes Katherine and up to Kathwood Drive.  Kathwood to a left on Sanford and the relief downhill stretch on Kilbourne.  Left onto Shady Lane and then, for full credit, Left onto Milford to tack on the extra .25 miles.  Returning to Shady Lane the course heads back up to a left hand turn onto Woodlake again for the home stretch uphill to Carter Hill Drive and back to KBC.  This morning’s Amble started and stopped at the flag mid-parking lot to make sure we got every inch of five miles.  Pace was conversational but steady wrapping up right on time for most pax.

COT & BOM: Closed out by Fountainhead


Convergence tomorrow at DHS, 7:00 AM for all pax.  If you’ve only be coming out to Amble, the convergence is a great opportunity to meet the larger F3Columbia crowd.  2nd F Breakfast afterwards at Lizards Thicket on Beltline. #April.

Convergence on TUESDAY at DHS, 5:45 am also for all pax.  This is to be long awaited return of Ron Burgundy with a camera crew from WIS.  Wear your F3 Gear.  Sway has promised the rain will stop… or that it won’t and we’ll do our thang anyway.

-Get your F3Columbia shirt ASAP.  Time’s running out. We’ve had a lot of FNG’s since the last order.  If you’re committed, lose the yardwork t-shirt and pony up for some proper F3 branding.

-Last, let me quote Sway as he stumbled out of his car this morning… who was quoting one of the NoCo guys, “I woke up this morning with Dredd’s words ringing in my ears, ‘today I can be a man or I can be a boy… which will I be.'”.  Come on out Monday for a classic Monday Amble beat-down and see what we’re all about. #PainWithoutBurpees


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  1. Aye, I still say that to myself every day. Including this AM.

    How many more times do have to prove myself? The answer is the same every day: just once. Just once more time.

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