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Partnering up for pain

15 pax entered the grounds of #Thunder without the slightest concern for the heavy rain that poured just 8 hours earlier. They were greeted by a friendly and familiar face but Sled made sure those smiles quickly turned into scowls (after the Sled Straddle Hops). A quick COP kicked off the morning followed by a painful trip to and from the Duncan Street hill. The work was completed with a brisk set of #StringsOfFire and impromptu #6MinutesOfMary.

Conditions: 63, damp and humid (apparently, perfect sleeping weather)

The Thang:

 Jog out to field for COP :       Partner up with person of similar ability to stay together and push each other     

Sled Straddle Hop X 30 in cadence,    (picture Sled doing a Side Straddle Hop)

Merkins X 15 in cadence,        

Freddy Mercury X 20 in cadence,

Carolina Dry Dock X 20 in cadence,               

LBC X 20 in cadence

-count off in pairs 1,2

Mosey out to King Street for run with pain stations:

Pain station: King/Duncan:                burpees – 10 OYO,                             situps – 25 OYO,         Plank

Pain station: Duncan/Queen:             Diamond Merkins – 10 in cadence,       situps – 25 OYO,         Plank

Pain station: Duncan/Princess:          split into two groups

Group 1:          run to bottom, wheelbarrow up hill to first drive and lunge walk to top, back to bottom, switch

Group 2:          iron cross with partner X25, decline merkins(partner planking) X15, switch, 10 burpees, plank

EACH GROUP DO WHAT OTHER DID and then all plank

Head back towards Hand:

Pain station: Duncan/Queen:     Russian Twist X 15 in cadence,                    Carolina Dry Dock X15 in cadence

Pain station: King/Duncan:        Wide Arm Merkins X10 in cadence,             Freddy Mercury X15 in cadence

Move to Thunder Squares:

Dips x15 in cadence, Iron Man crunch x15 in cadence, Incline merkins 15 oyo

Strings of fire: Football Field side line

run 50yds to other end
Merkins            X 15/10/5
Squats              X 15/10/5
Chaser LBCs   X 15/10/5

6 minutes of Mary:

Subprime – protractor, flutters x 41 (4ct); Adrian – chaser lbc x 32 (4ct); Grease Trap – boat/canoe; Fannie – Mt. Climber x 30 (4ct)


  • Well thought out and delivered Q by Sled – his first at #Thunder. 
  • Ants – YHC found his first antpile at #Thunder.  At least it took over a month.
  • T-Claps to Marge for making a 2nd consecutive post at #Thunder
  • Where did everyone from Tuesday go?



– The blue F3 columbia t-shirt order deadline is this Sunday. Here is the link: Shirts

– Spaces are opening up as we speak for the 10/12 Mud Run and Columbia guys on our waiting list will get the nod. Let Sway know if you’re interested. [email protected]

– The golf outing is scheduled for October 10. Please contact Uno or Alter Boy ([email protected]) if you are interested. We need to provide the golf course a head count next week. The preblast is now up.

– The 3rd F bible study meets again next Tuesday night. We still have two seats left. If anyone is interested, contact TB at [email protected] Meetings are scheduled for alternating Tuesday nights through the next few months at TB’s house, 8:00 PM.

– If you’re on the Governors Cup (11/9) list but haven’t registered, please go ahead and do so before the rate goes up at the end of this month. The discount code and registration instructions are on the Pre-Blast. Training runs planned for the weekends will also continue to be e-mailed out AND posted as Pre-blasts, such as the forthcoming 9 mile run this weekend, so that everyone can know the plan.

– One team for the Palmetto 200 (March 28-29) has already been formed with a second getting assembled now. March is a long way out but if you’re interested, we need to go ahead and get a roster together. Sign up now and show your commitment to F3 and our long term stamp on this state. Let me know at [email protected]

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