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Over the hills

When: 1/19/2017

Conditions: High 40s, not too humid- very pleasant!

QIC: Big Worm

Pax: Welcome Week, Wi-Fi, Rated R, Don Ho, Biggie Smalls, Big Worm

The Thang:


Run down Wheat street from the Blatt until someone points out the train is parked on Pickens Street; then mosey back up Wheat and up the steps, down the Blatt Bridge, right up Whaley Street, and then down Pickens street to circle up on the grass right across from Catawba Street. Along the way Pax stopped twice for Merkins, arm circles, and squats.

Partner exercise: 150 lunges (right and left equals 1 rep); 200 LBCs (elbows touching the knees); 350 SSH. While one partner does reps the other partner runs up to the intersection of Whaley and Pickens (a nice, steep hill), does three burpees, then runs back to his partner.

Then: Mosey back up Pickens, right on Whaley, right on Sumter, and come out on the Blatt field near the pull-up bars. We skipped the pull-ups as the ROTC cadets needed them, lined up facing the small hill leading up to Wheat Street, and: start with 10 lunges (both legs equals 1 rep), suicide up the hill and touch the brick wall, then back down to the field, 9 lunges, so on and so forth until we got to five lunges. Pax kept doing lunges and one more suicide to hit 6:45.

Moleskin: This workout was not quite as tough as YHC expected it to be- a good concept but jump squats, burpees, and squats will be added next time for a true burner. Or maybe the Pax and YHC are just getting better? 2.78 miles of running.



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