• When: 01/19/17
  • QIC: Chaser
  • The PAX: Beads, SubPrime, Spots, Insanity, TNT, Liederhosen, BetaMax, PurpleRain, Gypsy, Sheldon, Froman, McLovin', PaperBoy, Chaser

Thunda Dora

It was, thankfully, a bit cooler this morning with the temp back in the mid-40s and out of the summer-like 60s for those worried about the ice caps and all (YHC is starting to be one of those that are)…I disgress…14 men appeared in the gloom for the second installment of the latest two-part #ReynoldsWeek (as dubbed by the AOQ) at Thunder and work was done as promised.

Conditions: previously discussed

Mosey out onto the field and COP:
SSH x 25
Merkins x 10
10 Burpees on the minute every minute for 5 minutes (50 burpees, YHC had this in his plan as “burpees till I get bored” and I was bored at 50).

Mosey to the wide side of the field. Partner up.
The Dora One Thousand:
P1 runs to the school sideline and back while P2 works, flipflop with combined reps until each exercises is done then move to the next.

200 merkins
200 squats
200 big boy sit-ups
200 raise the roof
200 plank
(four count on your honor)

When all work is done partners run the track with 5 burpees at every corner. (Subby and YHC did 3 laps which added 60 burpees to the total. Not sure of other totals.)

Once all are done with Dora circle up for #Mary.
Flutter Kicks x 50
Plank x 90 seconds

led by YHC
Devotional led by AOQ Beads (Summarized: Choose the hard thing in all things, to include form and reps during workouts, or you will not improve)

– Always good to be at Thunder and especially this morning where, for some reason, our 14 total was the highest in Cola with other AOs sleeping in apparently. Keep the numbers improving guys. A special group at Thunder.

– Check twitter, Mud Run is back this spring with Summerville at the helm and signups are opening up.
F3 Camden‘s second week is this Saturday. McLovin’ on Q. He has announced a #clowncar departure for 5:45 Saturday morning at CrossHill market. look for the only people that will be in the parking lot that time of morning.
– There was another announcement made but I can’t remember it…

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