• When: 2021-05-25
  • QIC: Misfire
  • The PAX: Collar, Bindi, McNugget, Billy Bob, Deville, Stretch, Pinkman, Detour, Leon, Zima, Misfire

Misfire Returns!

The Thang

11 at Hammer for YHC’s glorious return after a short hiatus from Tues/Thurs boot camps caused by laziness, business, and other miscellaneous reasons.  Q was awesome today.  PAX were average.  New AOQ is still a work in progress.  But hey, not everyone can be flawless!

And I would be remiss to not include a formal recognition for Deville early on the back blast.  T-claps for not being 10 mins late (literally) for the 1st time in your F3 career!

Conditions – Heating up!

Warmup lap around the field

Circle up in the middle of the field for the warmup (all 10 IC minus big boys)

  •             SSH
  •             Imperial Walkers
  •             Squats
  •             Merkins
  •             LBAC forward
  •             LBAC reverse
  •             Big boy situps 25 oyo

Split up into 2 groups between playground and tennis courts

Group 1 on playground

  •             5 pull-ups, 10 iron cross, 20 Freddie Mercuries (1 ct)
  •             X 5

Group 2 on tennis courts

  •             AMRAP suicides with short break between as needed

Flap jack

Head over to the shelter/picnic area

  •             10 Bulgarian split squats (5 each leg), 15 squats, 20 calf raises
  •             X 5

Lap around the football field

Circle up on field

  •             10 big boys, 10 Russian twists (2 ct), 10 Chaser LBCs
  •             9, 9, 9
  •             Down to 1, 1, 1

2 Rounds of Deion Sanders for the full length of the field

DONE, back to COT




  • AOQ needs to park in his assigned spot
  • AOQ needs to be more than 30 secs early for the workout
  • PAX need to relearn suicides and 10-1 ab countdowns
  • Crazy Train coming mid June

BOM Prayer



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