• When: 05/16/17
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Ripcord, TNT, Backdraft, Spot, Schweddy, Adrian, Fannie, Jenny, Insanity, Purple Rain, McLovin, Traitor, Frohman

Maintaining elevated heart rate with very little running…who’s with me?

14 PAX posted at Thunder on a somewhat cool morning but humid for who knows what. YHC had the Q yesterday at Brickpile and now another bootcamp the next day. Nothing more to do than to get to work. YHC had two buddies post that normally attend Score so the challenge was to ability to say they got a good workout in without doing much running. We possibly accomplished that. You be the judge.

Conditions: 63 and humid

Mosey to the lit corner of the field and circle up. 3 rounds of this circuit to warm up. All exercises IC.
15 SSH
15 Merkins
15 LBC’s
15 Squats

10 SSH
10 Merkins
10 LBC’s
10 Squats

5 Merkins
5 LBC’s
5 Squats

Mosey to the cones that are set up in a 20 yd triangle.
5 Burpees at the first cone
Lunge Walk to the second cone
5 Burpees at the second cone
Bear Crawl to the third cone
5 Burpees at the third cone
Crab Walk back to first cone
Plank until the 6 arrives.
After all PAX arrive and are in the front leaning rest, we go 1/2 way down and each PAX gives a 5 count. Recover. Rinse and Repeat two more times. Crowd Pleaser!

Mosey to Amphitheater. Count off 1’s and 2’s. Equal PAX so it worked out.
1’s stay at the amphitheater and do step ups while 2’s get blocks and perform 10 Squat Curl Presses
When 2’s arrive back at the amphitheater, switch.
Next, 1’s do incline merkins while 2’s perform 10 Squat Curl Presses. Switch when done.
Next, 1’s do dips while 2’s perform 10 squat curl presses. Switch when done and 2’s return blocks. 2’s then run back to amphitheater and circle up with 1’s.

This one might have gotten YHC in trouble for a lack of creativity. All exercises performed IC.
5 Merkins
5 LBC’s
5 Squats

4 Merkins
4 LBC’s
4 Squats

3 Merkins
3 LBC’s
3 Squats

2 Merkins
2 LBC’s
2 Squats

1 Merkins
1 LBC’s
1 Squats

AYG back to the Flag. Adrian and Purple Rain put down the hammer!

BOM: Cesspool
Devo: Jenny

– Mud Run this weekend. If you’re not signed up on a team, sign up and they’ll get you a team. F3 Summerville is in charge and they’ve got some special after party plans as well as some special exercise related fun.
– TNT announced the 1 million burpee challenge. Go to www.capitaltour2017.com/burpees/ and log in your totals. This is for charity benefitting Enduring Warrior. Get your burpees in and log them.

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