• When: 10/22/15
  • QIC: BooBoo
  • The PAX: RA, Garnish, Misfire, Duckie, Collar, Sweetness

Lumberjacking at Hammer

The nip in the air Tuesday caused some mumblechatter about a bonfire, so YHC thought he’d bring out some firewood to warm the Pax. As they say, “Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.”

lap around the football field
Little Baby Arm Circles, forward 35 IC
LBAC, reverse 35 IC
Merkins 10 OYO low and slow
Thrusters 10 OYO
Deep Jump Squats 10 OYO

Mosey to truck and retrieve logs
Partner up and select a log in proportion to body size. Roll/carry logs to end line of football field.

The Thang:
Partner A rolls log to midfield while B bear crawls, switch on return.
30 yards flip log end over end, partner crab walks, switch on return.
See a pattern?
Carry log 30 yards, lunge walk, switch.
End over end, slide step, switch.
End over end, spiderman, switch.
Few more of these with some low planks, hip dips, burpees and flutters thrown in between, until time to put logs back in truck.

People’s chair
merkins, thumbs pointed at feet 10 OYO
merkins, thumbs pointed at head 10 OYO

Moleskin: Duckie’s father Claude is in the hospital. Mud Run is Saturday. Attaboy to Collar and Sweetness for taking on the big piece of red oak. Had a little heft to it.

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