• When: 10/22/15
  • QIC: Welcome Week
  • The PAX: The Don, Bunk Bed, Big Worm, Welcome Week,

Spur’s Debut of the ‘Spurcuit’

Weather: 50 degrees, cool and breezy


The Thang:

Mosey to the center of the field


SSH x 25 IC

Squat x 20

Little Baby Arm Circles Forward x 15

Little Baby Arm Circles Backwards x 15

Flutter kick x 20


Station 1 – Spurcuit

Run to the top of the steps; 20 squats

Run to the top of the bridge; 20 merkins

Run to the bottom of both sets of stairs; 20 monkey humpers

Run around the outskirt of the field; 20 dips at each picnic table, frog jumps in between

Run to pull up bars

Plurp-ups – Pax performed 1 pull – up into a burpee on each of the 7 pull up bars, moving down the line of pull-up bars

Run from the pull up bars to the corner of Sumter and Wheat; 20 flutter kicks

Rinsed and Repeated decreasing all sets of 20 by 1 for 25 minutes, AMRAP. Plurp-ups stay the same. PAX completed 3 laps around the Spurcuit


Station 2

Lunges x 25 per leg

Squats x 40


Low Plank



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  1. I like it. Hate I missed that one. By the way Burpee Pull-Ups are in the lexicon, but Plurp-Ups sounds more interesting.

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