• When: 10/20/15
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: ShowGirl, Heist, Stretch, FroYo, PipeLine, SideSaddle, Odyssey, BackHoe, BackDraft, Llama, SilverBullet, Banjo, HeeHaw, Pondo, BoneSaw and OnRamp

#TheAxe 2.0.1

This was our 3rd running of our monthly fitness test at #TheShed.  We made some tweaks after the first running and think we’ve got a winner, so we repeated it this time.

Conditions:  It was cold for October: 39 Degrees.

The Thang:16 Brave Men took on the cold, hard Axe

Disclaimer by Pondo. Brief explanation of the course. Brief Warm up: SSH x 20, IW’s x 15, Squats x 20, Merkins x15

#TheAxe is a 6 station full body fitness test that hits all major muscle groups and includes a decent amount of running.  At the urging of our First F Q, we run #TheAxe once every month to gauge the progress of the pax.  We go as hard as we can for 30 minutes and report the number of completed laps and stations during COT.  The prize for the most completed laps and stations is a brilliant #ChampionshipBelt handcrafte by our very own SilverBullet in the proud tradition of Professional Wrestling.

Station 1: Squats x 20. Station 2: Pull ups x 7. Run to Station 3 for BBSitups x 20. Station 4: lap around the Circus Maximus. Station 5: 10 Double Handed Sledge Hammer Chops on tire, switch hand positions and do 10 more. Station 6: Merkins x 20

This Month’s Winner: HeeHaw with 8 completed laps.

RESULTS: (Completed Laps, Completed Stations)

ShowGirl (7.2), Heist (6.0), Stretch (5.4), FroYo (6.3), PipeLine (6.0), SideSaddle (5.3), Odyssey (6.0), BackHoe (5.0), BackDraft (5.3), Llama (3.5), SilverBullet (6.0), Banjo (6.2), HeeHaw (8.0), Pondo (7.4), BoneSaw and OnRamp had to leave early. Did not get laps,stations.

COT and BOM by Pondo

Devo by Pondo.  Can we have the faith of Job?

Moleskin: Stretch reminded the pax of the importance and integrity of good form and good effort, especially during a fitness test.  Thank you Stretch. This is supposed to be fun, but it doesn’t help anything if we slack on form or effort.  Kudos to Banjo who had his first post the day before #TheAxe at #GritIron.

Announcements: I hear there is a MudRun coming up.  Go support Heist and show F3Nation that we’re great hosts and get after it hard on the course. Thanks to Odyssey and BackHoe for setting up the tires the night before.  We’ll have to tweak the course again until Spring, as we woke up HappyTree’s wife with the sledgehammering.  She didn’t wake up the last two times.  Probably due to sound traveling farther in cold weather.  #GotToKeepTheNeighborsHappy

0 thoughts on “#TheAxe 2.0.1”

  1. > we woke up HappyTree’s wife with the sledgehammering
    So I take it there were no Happy Trees in the house that morning *rimshot*

    #TClaps to Stretch for holding the pax accountable. Needed to be said.

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