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Logo to the Core

Logo took leadership of the 31 men assembled at Dreher High School in the damp, Columbia gloom and quickly put the pax on notice: this is not play time.

Conditions: Overcast at 78 degrees

The Thang:

Warm up lap around school

COP at Upper field
SSH x 30
Full sit-ups x 30
Merkins x 15
Rocky Sit-ups x 30
Hold at 6 inches, out and hold, up and hold core work
Diamond Merkins x 10
Freddie Mercury x 15

Jog to open parking lot
Lane slides x 30
Line jumps side to side x 30
Line jumps front to back x 30

Jog to Heartbreakers brick pile
11’s: Merkins with raise the roof
LBC x 15
Curls for the girls x 15
Iron Cross holding at the top with 5 count down – hold 6 inches at bottom x 10
Bench press with block x 15
Dying cockroach with bricks x 10

Jog to Hollywood Squares
Step ups x 10 each leg
Decline Merkins x 10
Full crunch with hold at the top
Noah’s ark lunge walk x 25 (two by two)

Jog to Great Wall of Pain
Peoples chair x 60
Jungle Boi with Sway’s lead x 18– duly noted his undefeated status in tournament play at PBL.
Peoples chair x 60

Six minutes of Mary with Dealers Choice
Boat canoe x 5
Hello Dolly x 15 – Sled
Flutters x 41 – Heist – it was almost a flutter free day!
Merkins – 2 count with hold at the bottom x 10

Jog to Flag for COT and Ball of Man


  • 31 on a Tuesday — solid attendance
  • Logo’s rapid-fire cadence and transitions had the pax smoked about 15 minutes in
  • Ants are becoming a problem at DHS
  • The workout was noticeably quiet with the absence (unexcused, I might add) of chatterbox Mission, Beano, and Tajh.
  • Mission even had an FNG show up today. But no Mission. That’s a level 9 UA.
  • “Amble” running workout begins in earnest tomorrow. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, meet at Kathwood Baptist Church. Pre-determined routes, run at your own pace. Should be fun.



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