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F3 Columbia "Amble" – Soft Launch

Born out of yet another party conversation about F3 (this time at Citadel Park for a Sunday School party) brothers-in-law FountainHead and Chaser devised a soft launch of F3 Columbia’s “Amble” workout in this morning’s sticky, drippy gloom.  F3 Columbia “Amble” (referred to hereinafter only as “Amble”) will be running…and only running, no bricks, no blocks, not 1 Merkin, nary a Flutter Kick to be found…and will take off Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the parking lot of Kathwood Baptist Church (park in the right rear corner furthest from Trenholm) at the customary 5:45am.  Amble routes will vary though we will begin at the 3 mile distance and will not likely exceed 5 miles.  If though you’re in for 6, 8 or 10 miles to stretch distance or work in a race training run then you and a partner could do that day’s loop twice.  Amble will also likely feature runs with built in interval training (such as X# of 1 minute sprints to be completed during a 3 mile amble) and may also move off campus to a local track for track work.  Amble will be what the Pax collectively need it to be but with a push to always expand our fitness and abilities.  This will be great training for future races, Mud Runs and Spartan races.

Amble will have to be less structured than our signature F3 Columbia Tues/Thurs Boot Camp workout as the Pax will run at their own chosen pace (hopefully with one or more partners for the 2nd F and accountability).  Because of this we will not be able to finish together and will not be able to have a COT and Ball of Man at the end.  So, to keep with F3 tradition and protocol we will do that at the beginning.  So, see you Amblers on MWF at 5:45 for a quick COT, that day’s route description (which should become familiar) and Ball of Man before we take off.

Conditions: 70 degrees with 59% humidity (and rising during the early dawn).

THE THANG:  3.2 mile loop from the corner of Woodlake and Shady Lane to Kilbourne, to Sanford, to Kathwood, back to Shady/Woodlake corner.

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  1. Looking forward to this, I think the format will work well to improve our running and keep the F3 spirit. Amble on!

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