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The Worst Parade Ever

26 Columbia faithful entered the gloom for a Saturday downPAINment on the weekend. 2 FNGs joined the fun.

Conditions: 78 degrees and clear.

The Thang:

Warmup lap around school.

SSH x25
Imperial Walker x20
Freddie Mercury x20
Merkins x15
High Knees x20
Butt Kicks x20
Wide arm Merkins x10
LBC x20

Move: Jog to Heartbreaker’s Brickpile, get block:
Asstastic leg lifts x10 L/R
Curls x20
Rows x20
Triceps x8 (interrupted by fly inhalation by Q)
Squats x20
Little Arm Circles x15 each way

Over the Wall, then 10 Burpees OYO

Jog to Adger, 20 Merkins OYO
Lunge Walk to 2nd tree
Jungle Bois x18

Jog to Berkley Hill, pair up:
Wheelbarrow to white car, flapjack
Bear crawl to white car then spring to top of hill, walk down
Lunge Walk up hill
(Mo Crotch Rocket greeted us)

Jog to Adger/Devereaux corner, Flutters x50

Run to Hollywood Sauares:
Incline Merkins x15
Dips x15
Iron Man crunches x15

Wall Street:
People’s Chair x:60
Jungle Bois x18
People’s Chair x:60

Six Minutes of Mary:
LBC x15
Giggling Nibblers x15 L/R
Dolly x15
Rosy x15
Cobra Stretch


Ball of Man


  • Lively #mumblechatter this morning: Mission has returned!
  • During the lap around the school, we encountered Kim Jung in his car in the back parking lot. Being relatively new, he did not realize we park in the front lot on Saturdays. He arrived and thought he had missed a cancellation memo and was about to go home when the pax came running by. “It was the worst parade ever.”
  • The hill work was a crowd pleaser
  • At the bottom of the hill, the pax was greeted by Crotch Rocket’s mother from her front porch. She proceeded to take pictures and video to send to CR.
  • Kettlebell order deadline is Sunday.
  • Mud Run deadline is next week.
  • Big crowd at Lizard’s Thicket for 2nd F coffeeteria. 14 might be a record.

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