• When: 02/02/2017
  • QIC: Betamax
  • The PAX: ObamaCare, Sisterwife, Noonan, Paperboy, Driveby, Gypsy, Cess Pool, Beads, Fanny, Insanity, Gump

Leg Day!

It was a perfect morning for work at Thunder. YHC noticed too many chicken legs coming out of the shorts and knew what needed to be done today.
The Thang
Warm-up lap around the track and circle up for a brief COP

20 Mountain Climbers IC
10 Merkins IC

Line up on the side of the field for some rinse and repeat happiness
20 Squats
Run 3/4 speed across the field
20 Monkey Humpers
Plank for the 6
Rinse and Repeat x 8

Mosey to the wall for some MORE rinse and repeat joy

40 Calf Raises IC

1 Minute Wall Squat

10 Step Ups Each Leg

Rinse and Repeat x 6

The PAX didn’t think there was time to get to the blocks so….
Mosey to Emily’s Underpants and collect a block

Lunge walk 1/2 way across the field

10 Squats

Lunge walk rest of the way

Flutters for the 6
     Rinse and Repeat
Put up the blocks
Mosey back to the flag
Moleskin:  YHC hopes that some of those chicken legs swole a bit and there will be much soreness by tomorrow. This PAX NEVER disappoints with effort nor mumblechatter and made YHC proud.
MGC Long Run this Saturday
Triple Crown triple down this Saturday – Dawnstrike followed by The Spur followed by The Mission – do the HARD thing!
Coffeteria coming to Thunder in the near future!

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