• When: 2/2/17
  • QIC: McNugget
  • The PAX: Misfire, Collar, Blowout, Duckie, Chop Shop, Garnish, RA, Slum Dog, Boo Boo, Billy Bob, Splinter, Pinkman, Wally

#Hammer Meets the Challenge

Our humble AOQ, Collar, issued a small challenge via Twitter on Wednesday night to the Hammer Pax.  Could we beat the lucky #13 he hauled in for his Scramble Q on Wednesday?  The answer was a big YES.  14 hungry pax showed up for a little fun, physical contact, and beat down with focus on the shoulders.

Conditions:  A perfect 49 degrees and not a cloud in the sky

The Thang:

Warm Up at Flag

20 Burpees OYO- Always a crowd pleaser


20 Monkey Humpers IC

20 Mountain Climbers IC

Next the Pax headed over and grabbed a set of Hammer Bricks then moseyed to the softball field.  These bricks are larger than your average bricks and can lead to soreness when moved repeatedly over the course of 30 minutes or so.

The Real Work:

50 Overhead Press

Brickbarrows- Partner up for this one.  Pretty simple concept.  The Pax who is the barrow gets to hold the bricks in his hand while traveling from the right field fence to the edge of the infield grass.  Try walking on your hands with bricks while your partner tries to steer.  Probably about 20 yards in all.  Switch partners and brickbarrow back to the right field fence.  After the first round we executed 50 more overhead press.  The Pax repeated the brickbarrow routine once more and polished it off with another 50 overhead press.

Twin Tower of Trust-  Grab the bricks again.  Line up in two lines across from a partner.  Hold bricks out parallel to the ground while Pax at end of line bear crawls through the tunnel.  The trust part was all about your fellow pax not dropping their bricks on you as you made your way through the tunnel.  We continued this exercise long enough for everyone to make it through the tunnel twice.  No bricks were dropped, but it really hurt your shoulders.

Tunnel of Love- Yes, YHC’s workout wouldn’t be complete without it.  The Pax began to question what benefit this exercise really provides. To YHC it’s all about building that bond with your fellow Pax.  Maybe the high planks do something, but the army crawl part really just gets you dirty.  Each Pax made it through the tunnel at least twice.

Circle Burp-  The Pax circled up and started chopping our feet.  YHC called down and all Pax completed a burpee.  Next Pax called down when he felt like it and we did another burpee.  Yes it sucked.  We made our way around the circle twice.  That made 28 burpees total.

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire-  Still in a circle.  Pax start by bear crawling clockwise in a circle until YHC said stop.  We have 14 Pax, so it was a pretty big circle.  Once we completed a full trip around the circle we stopped and held high plank.  YHC completed 10 merkins and called for the next pax to complete 10 merkins.  The Pax held in various plank positions until all 14 pax had completed 10 merkins each.  The Pax liked this one so much we rinsed and repeated once more.

Finish it out with a little round of legs:

Squats- 20 Squats IC -YHC has to admit that my cadence was awful on this one.  I’ll do better.

Lunges- 20 Lunges each leg OYO- We decided to pick up the bricks for this one.  Legs were burning at this point.

Al Gores- One Minute- Air chair hugging the imaginary tree in front of you while holding the bricks.  This exercise strangely caused both my legs and my shoulders to burn.

Time’s up- Put up the bricks and head back the Flag.

Great work today, as always Hammer Pax!




Scramble in the AM.  Be there if you can.

Battle Saturday. Cess Pool on the Q.  Looking for a replacement for Rocky.

F3 Flag Football game Sunday 2:00-  See Boris on Twitter